There’s An Easy Way To Build A Backyard Hockey Rink Without Any Tools

If you and your family like to skate or play hockey, and an ice rink is one of the things you all look forward to when winter arrives, consider making your own backyard hockey rink. It’s easier than you think! There are kits you can order online that require no tools and no lumber. With the best kits on the market, in just two hours you can make a fantastic hockey rink in your own backyard starting with a rink liner.

Here are the steps it takes to build a rink according to Rinkmaster.com, a distributor of quality rink kits and rink equipment. RinkMaster is ready to find the best products for you with superior customer service and care, and they show you just how easy it is: first, set out the border tubes to create a rectangular area over a cleared or level area of snow. Second, connect the polypropylene corner tubes to form the main rectangular shape of the rink. Third, lay thepolyethylene rink liner down. Fourth, place protective caps over the liner. Fifth, fill the structure with water and wait until the rink freezes. That’s it!

When the ice beds of your backyard rink get worn out, all you need to do is order a replacement rink liner. Sizes are available from 20 feet by 30 feet, 60 feet by 90 feet and more. Liners can be used as single season liners, or customers can opt to purchase heavy-duty liners that will last more than one season. There are even home use products that ensure the most even ice surface possible. Floodmaster wands are available from companies like RinkMaster to spread water over the liner in an even fashion that creates professional quality, smooth ice surfaces. Made of 42-inchwide non-rusting metal, these Floodmaster products are easy to use and long lasting.

Imagine the convenience and fun (not to mention the parental bonus points you’ll get!) of having a hockey rink in your backyard. Do any of your children play hockey? Then having a hockey rink in the backyard of your home means your son or daughter will be that much more likely to practice; no more loading them and their friends into the mini van and driving across the city to go skating. You can watch from the comfort of home as the children have fun.

Backyard hockey rink kits are worth the short amount of time it takes to assemble them. Fans of hockey may not be aware of such an easy-to-use product, but in only a few short steps and without additional tools, you can build a long lasting skating rink that is great entertainment during the winter. Incorporate water spreading units and additional liners to enrich your experience. Take time to indulge your love for backyard winter sports!