5 Important Tips For Interior Design Minimalist

The minimalist design is built by connecting the lighting, neutral colors and shape of the house. Striking colors used in only a minor detail in a room. Common materials used in the interior design is minimalist stone and natural wood, metal and glass. It is also common for furniture items.

1. Furniture

When choosing furniture for projects of this kind, the focus is on natural wood, leather, glass and stainless steel. These materials give the room a sleek look. Focus on low furniture items closer to the floor chair, table or fireplace for a minimalist space.

2. Walls and Floors

White is the most common color for the walls in a minimalist design. This color gives any room a larger appearance and increase the effects of other design elements in the room. Neutral colors and natural stone colors are also suitable. It is not advisable to use a varied color scheme for a room because it can make a small room look and feel cluttered.

3. Lighting

Good light is suitable for a room with a minimalist feel. With the right light can produce a perfect minimalist atmosphere for a room or house.

4. Window

The window must be left open so that sunlight can enter spatial during the daytime. White curtains allow more privacy and wooden windows suitable for natural colors. Many designers choose to enlarge the window as much as possible as this increases the amount of light in the room.

5. Decoration and Accessories

Storage space is also a key element, the goods are not so useful can be stored in the room. Candles are perfect for a minimalist room for about providing natural lighting.


When designing a room with a minimalist look, it is important to use natural colors / neutral, so that the room can look big and clean. With a minimalist design can increase the feeling of calm. The rooms are designed using the principles of minimalism can be easily cleaned and save maintenance costs.

Tips for Choosing Furniture Home Minimalist

The existence of furniture in the house is very important, because not only can be used according to its function. But also at the same time can make the room look more attractive. It is sometimes easy easy difficulty in applying furniture. But in fact many ways choosing furniture minimalist home can be applied. What are the tips that can be applied to the arrangement of furniture looks beautiful, neat and functional?

Place the furniture in accordance with the theme of the house

furniture home minimalist

Furniture should match the theme of home design. For example, the house is designed with a minimalist concept, the furniture is applied also must have a minimalist concept. So that seemed to blend with home furniture, harmonious, comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Match furniture with ambient conditions

For example, you apply the material residential wood on the side of the wall, then you should reduce the set of various furniture made of ceramic. Another option is to use furniture with glass material or various types of furniture made from wood material. Transparent screen is made of glass can also be applied to a particular room. For homes with a minimalist design is certainly very suitable when applying minimalist furniture.

The size of the furniture

The size of the furniture is very dependent on the availability of the room. Because the selection of furniture size depends on the condition of the room. Minimalist rooms with limited space, certainly more appropriate when applying moderate sized furniture. Placing oversized furniture will only make the room feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Color selection of furniture

The combination of colors of furniture and interior decoration should be combined, in order to create a comfortable and beautiful shades. Better to avoid the application of low-contrast color on the furniture, because it will only make the atmosphere of the room to be uncomfortable and unsightly.

Note the value for the room

Should choose furniture that is needed in the room. Such as by putting a comfortable sofa in the living room. It is very suitable, thus supporting time relaxing or hanging out with family and other loved ones.

Provide adequate budget

Availability budget will help you in achieving the desired furniture minimalist home. Always prioritizing the quality of the product rather than just drool at cheap prices.

Explore Home Settings and Designs With Vacation Rentals

When you’re thinking of remodeling your home or buying a new home, you’ll want to be sure that you make the right choices for your personality and lifestyle. No matter how many magazines you look through, nothing will quite compare to actually living in a home. A great way to find out if a certain home style or setting suits you is to rent a fancy home for your vacation.

These luxury homes can be in wooded settings, on lakes or rivers, and even in urban hot spots. You can spend a weekend at a log cabin, upscale lake home, or a condo in a metropolitan area. One example of luxury real estate in Crystal Lake Illinois will introduce you to living in a timber frame French country style home.

Lake Living

If you or someone in your family has been thinking of buying a home on a lake, a vacation rental will let you find out if you like the setting before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some people might love the serenity of waking up to a sunny row of large of windows filled with a stunning view of water. Other people might find the tranquil setting boring and long for urban stimulation.

Back Country Retreat

Not all vacation rentals are on water. Some are nestled deep in quiet woods. A place like this could offer you hiking, a place to enjoy recreational vehicles, and mountain views. A long weekend in an secret hideout might allow you to decompress and get in tune with Nature.

By renting a remote getaway, you’ll get a feel for commuting through a rural area. You’ll experience what it’s like to drive to buy necessities like groceries or gas.

Experience New Features and Amenities

Many vacation homes come with a hot tub, sauna, open floor plan, beautiful staircases, or outdoor kitchens. Choosing to spend a week at a home with one or more of these amenities could help you make a decision about adding something to your home. Features like hardwood floors and wood stoves are also very common at these homes. During your getaway, you’ll find out if you like these things.

On your next vacation, make it about more than just putting up your feet. Use it as an opportunity to explore new lifestyles and find ideas for your home.

How to prepare an advance to repay a home

Is your resolution this year is to buy a first home? Congratulations! You’d have to estimate how costs will be budgeted to buy the house. Now is the time to step into an important first stage.

The first stage is important after weighing and deciding to buy a home is set aside for payment (down payment / DP) your first home.

This stage is very important because it can affect your financial situation in the future. Here are some tips that you can do to reach your target this year.

Determine the target

Number of DP a house usually is around 20 per cent of the price of the house (this is not plus other costs such as the cost administration or insurance).

There are also some developers that gave leeway as DP which can be paid in installments or sign so that the value is smaller than that. Please note terms and conditions apply, when you have determined how many targets that must be collected, the savings would be much easier.

Lower the cost of current residence

Perhaps you live in an apartment or house with rental fees are expensive. In order to prepare for the DP fund your first home, do not hesitate to move temporarily to a residence with the cost of rent is cheaper.

Although less convenient, but it never hurts to stew before having fun in the future.

Cut some spending

If you are serious in collecting a large amount of money for the DP home. Then you need to increase the amount of revenue or cut some expenditures were deemed not mandatory spending.

Although it was burdensome, but you will become more creative in spending a pleasant time without having to spend money.

Create a separate account

If possible, separate savings account for DP home to account for daily expenses. Discipline yourself that the money in the account may not be used for anything other than home affairs. Better yet, if you have an emergency stash in a different account.

Create instruction auto debit

If you already know the amount of money that must be collected, you can also figure out how much money should be saved every month. To make things easier, you can create instruction auto debit amount of money into another account when payday arrives.

Save money shock

If you suddenly get unexpected money as bonuses, refund of taxes, gifts, etc. Move to a special account deposit DP fund your home. Things like this can speed you hit the target.

Keep these funds in a liquid

If you are planning to buy a house in less than five years, invest your money in a liquid and less risky as savings, time deposits, money market or fixed income if you choose a mutual fund.

Stay Focused and patient

Are you sure you can do it! Do not remove your eyes from the target before they are realized. Stay focused and be patient. To be more excited, print pictures of your dream house and make a graph on a computer that illustrate the development of your money from month to month. At the end of the trip you will be surprised when it reaches the target.

Have fun

Remember, your ultimate goal is to have his own house. You may occasionally celebrate if some funds have been collected, or your trip in collecting funds slightly longer be achieved. Do not let stress get you in the middle of the road and decided to give up

Tricks beautify kitchenettes

The high price of land to make a number of developers are more focused on building a house with a small size. The reason, to be more easily absorbed by the market because the selling price is relatively low.

However, because of its small size, many people are running out of ideas to make the kitchen into a more functional though small.

Though there are many minimalist kitchen design inspiration can you imitate. By exploiting any loopholes that exist, you can organize cooking and seasoning foods with neat and stylish indoor only dimension 2 × 3 meters. Curious? Consider some of the following tricks

Select furnishings Sleek and Sturdy

In order to give the impression of a relief space, choose furniture that is small but strong and durable. Lately, many electronic products available on the market that has an ergonomic design, small yet still look stylish.

Use One bowl sink

To create a countertop (kitchen table) you become more widespread enough use of the sink bowl. In addition to practical look, now many single-sink designs are available with a variety of models on the market.

Take advantage Walls For Storage

If left blank wall in your kitchen, do not just used to hang a calendar or painting. Take advantage of every loophole for the storage of cookware such as pots, pans and so on.

Decor rail rack or hanger from the bottom floor to the ceiling for maximum storage. Do the same thing when storing bowl and spoon in the drawer, take advantage of any loopholes that exist under the kitchen table to make storage shelves.

Customization Kitchen set

The easiest way to set the minimalist kitchen is custom designing a kitchen set according to the size and needs us.

For example, a kitchen set above not only includes a stove, sink and countertop, but the rest of the space is used to create a sliding shelf very inspiring!

Detailed Minimalism

The next thing to note is detailed paced minimalist furnishings. Not only shelves and drawers are neatly trimmed with matching color in a kitchen set, but also pay attention to every detail. Such as knobs and handles are designed as thin as possible.

Note also the intake of light can come from windows, ventilation or clear glass doors which make the room seem relieved.

Touching the cabinet ceilings

With limited space, you should be able to take advantage of every corner of the room as possible. One is tall cabinet and drawers are made as high as possible to touch the ceiling.

Consequently, you may need a small chair to reach the top drawer, but this is the most powerful storage solution.

Without doors

Create a more spacious kitchen and fresh air circulation by allowing open kitchen without too much insulation and doors.

Things to know new homeowners

Shortly after getting married, you and your partner finally managed to have a dream home. You began to busy buying and managing a variety of items to be placed in the home.

But, before you busy with activities to fill the house, there are some things you must know as a homeowner newbie. These include the following.

Learn about power tools

Needless to experts, the minimum you know its function. So, if at any time there is an emergency related to electricity, you can handle it. For example, air conditioning in the house suddenly damaged and cause electrical home drop, at least you know how to handle it.

Check the condition of waterways

Ask your parents or friends who experienced related waterways ideal. For example, if the roof has a gutter, gutters should be cleaned a minimum of once a week to prevent rubbish piling up that cause stagnant water and leaking.

You should also be aware there are several waterways that should be closed using hollow wire. Point to prevent rats or snakes into the house through the waterway.

Check the water pump

Although the rainy season is not always the flow of water coming into your home will go smoothly. Then, check the pump every time on. Make sure the needle that indicates the water pressure moves upward, not just quiet down.

Moving the needle indicates the flow of water into the storage area of ​​your water. If the needle does not move, at least you know how to keep flowing water fishing.

Have a technician mainstay

Make sure you know the mainstay technicians who know how to renovate the house and fix all of the damage in your home. The technician should not stay away from your home. So, ask your neighbors, whom they usually technicians rely on and can always be called in an emergency.

Nothing wrong also have several technicians, such as those typically used by your family. Learn also how much it costs to be incurred to pay for their services.