Tips on Home Stay Comfortable In Rainy Season

The rainy season has arrived, every day of rain can be dropped at any time. This condition makes us more alert in demand for housing conditions, due to the heavy rains or the magnitude of the wind. Then how are we to do in order to keep the house comfortable in the rainy season?

Since the beginning of development planning, home design must have reckoned with, both in anticipation of the hot weather or rainy weather. When the summer house must be able to withstand and absorb the heat in order to keep the house comfortable and cool. But when the rainy season like this, the house must be robust to withstand strong winds and rain so that the house does not leak.

Here I will give tips, how to care for the house to be comfortable inhabited when the rainy season arrives. With good home care, of course, will make the selling price of the house high if someday homes for sale. And here are a few tips:

rain house

  1. Check the condition of the roof, it is useful to see if the tiles and the roof needs to obtain repair or not. Check whether the roof of the house there is a crack or a connection between the tile is loose. If there are cracks, you can provide waterproof to cover all existing cracks. If no connection is loose tiles or asbestos, you just rearrange the connection so that rain water can not get in from the sidelines loose connection. We recommend checking roofs done two to three months, in anticipation of rain at any time.
  2. After the roof of the house inspected and get repairs, next is examining the ceiling of the house. If the ceiling of your house made of concrete check whether there is seepage from the roof of the house. Avoid puddles that there is in this no top, so that water can not seeped toward the ceiling. If the ceiling of your house made of plywood or gypsum check if there are visible signs of water marks on the ceiling. Usually ceiling damage seen from the water mark on the ceiling. Immediately repair or replace ceiling of the house if there is damage. Lafon if broken and humid allowed to continue, the consequences will be fatal. Ceiling could collapse and harm family members, if this happens will require extra repairs to cost more.
    Note the angle of the roof to maximize the ability of tile in blocking rainwater. On ceramic tile angle required is about 30 degrees, while the asbestos roof takes around 15 degrees. If the angle of the roof is not considered properly, then the rain that accompanied the wind can go through the tile gap.
  3. Terrace house also need special attention, to protect it from rain. You can add a canopy to the size of one meter or more on the porch. Besides this way can avoid the rain water into the house, it also can also protect the floor porch and paint the walls of the house shield rain and wind.
  4. Check drain water from the roof of the house. Is there trash or dry leaves that clog waterways. If the water drains clogged, it will create a pool of water in this no home that could make the water overflow and leak into the home. Equal to check the roof, this examination should be done two to three months.

That’s tips to keep the house comfortable when the rainy season I can share, maybe you could add. Because in this rainy season as rain and wind the main enemy against our house. Moreover, to the house that is less good care. Hopefully this can help you in getting comfort in the house when the rainy season lasts. Thank you for visiting today, congratulations activity.

5 Types of Dangerous Bacteria in Bathroom

Have a clean bathroom is a comfort for us as homeowners. The bathrooms were dirty not only makes us uncomfortable, but also will lead to breeding of bacteria and viruses in our bathrooms. For it is very important for us to keep the bathroom to keep it clean and comfortable. However there are still many people who do not know any bacteria that exist in the bathroom.

bacteria bathroom

And with that we know some types of bacteria we can take precautions so that our bodies safe from bacteria and viruses in the bathroom. What are bacteria found in the bathroom? Here’s a more detailed review below about 5 Harmful Bacteria In Bathroom

1. Gastrointestinal viruses

This is the virus that causes us pain stomach. Viruses that one may develop in the toilets were dirty and the virus can enter the body when we forget to wash your hands after using the toilet.

2. Enteric pathogens

Enteric pathogens is the name of the bacteria spread through food. The bacteria can cause diarrhea in a sustainable manner if we are infected by the bacteria. These bacteria have many types include Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli and Campylobacter. The bacteria can spread when we touch objects in the bathroom and then forget to wash your hands.

3. Staphylococcus aerus

Aerus Staphylococcus bacteria that infect the skin and also your breathing. These bacteria can also be contracted when you are in the bathroom and not washing hands.

4. Dermatophitic fungi

Dermatophitic fungi are fungi that attack bacteria your skin. Usually people will be infected with this bacterium when not using the footwear at the time in the bathroom. Transmission of these bacteria directly and impacts of transmission of the fungus on the feet or cause foot odor.

5. Mushrooms and Moss

Bacteria, fungi and algae is not foreign to you. These bacteria are often we see in the shower due to the temperature of the bathroom were always damp can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Similarly, some 5 Harmful Bacteria In Bathroom who need to watch. Remember, keep cleaning the bathroom is very important. Remember to always wash your hands when you are doing activities wherever and whenever.

Making Houses For Investment

It has long been the large home as one of the investment component. That is why many are imposing buy a house, though not to live, and it is reasonable to invest.

Investment house has many forms, each of which serves a distinct advantage and handling.

invest property

Buy and sell. You buy a house, renovate, and sell. Your profit is derived from the difference between the purchase price and the cost of renovation at the sale price. Greater advantage of course you can get when it turns out the house has sloping price or below the market price, pretty good condition so it does not need or minimal renovation, plus the house is not “problematic”. The definition of the problem here is the house that such a position skewers, near the grave, difficult road access, flood, and so on. Well, if you have limited funds for investment houses in the form of buying and selling, home buying troubled avoid speculation. Because, if you have already seen it as a problem, prospective home buyers also think the same. In other words, you have to play it safe, and make measurable speculation.

Contracted. The way that most people do: You’ve got a home, but want to develop assets in the form of the house. Many factors are decisive in this one business. One is the location. Many people who already have a home but are willing to sign, in order to be closer to the office. Of course, more are forced to sign because they have no home. There is a fundamental difference between the two contracting this, example, in the case of home care. The former tend to be more diligent in taking care of the house, as if it was his house. That’s because the rented house occupied regarded as a representation of contracting. Another case contractor to two more indifferent. What is clear, as the owner of the rented, you should perform preventive measures that can be detrimental in the future, for example, installing rechargeable electric, so there is no contractor incident fled the electric bill. Then, always introduce contracting neighbors around.

Boarding house. In the past, businesses boarding house made by retirees whose home is quite large and has many rooms scars of their children. Over time, transformed into a boarding house like an apartment and hotel, which was built specifically for businesses boarding house. The most important of the boarding house business, is, as contracted, is the location. The house is close to the campus, or office, for example, is a plus. And differences in the target market is of course also a difference in the behavior of the service or the service and service users.

Tiny Home Improvement Tips To Look More Size

So far, many people assume that the tiny house is identical to house cramped and uncomfortable. Though small playhouse and actually does not necessarily mean cramped because you can work around this to make it look more spacious. The more the lack of land in urban areas has made the price of residential houses in urban areas is quite expensive. Finally, many people are only able to buy a small-sized house. In addition, the houses are built in residential areas usually have small size.


The playhouse is made to deal with limited land. As a result, you may feel that your house is narrow and the space provided in the home very limited. It may be difficult for you to choose and put the furniture or furniture. This may make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. When you feel this way, then you need to renovate a small house so your home more comfortable. With a few tips and the right strategy, the problem in a small house can be solved easily.

Some of these tips you can apply for the room in your home look more spacious. As a result, the atmosphere in the house becomes more spacious and comfortable.

Created roof Higher

If the room in your home are limited in extent, you can make higher roof to give the impression of a more spacious room. There is sufficient space above will reduce the impression of a narrow or crowded so you feel comfortable even though spacious room in your home is not so widespread.

Reducing Barriers

For a small house, the use of insulation that too much should be avoided. The bulkhead between the room makes the house feel cramped. Therefore, when making a small home renovation, you can reduce the use of insulation. For example, you can remove the divider between the kitchen with a dining area. The absence of this bulkhead will certainly make the kitchen and dining room feel more spacious.

Multiply Light

Has a bright room into one easy way to keep the room in the house look more spacious. So, make sure that the entire room in your home to get enough light. Keep the sun can get into the room in the house.

Using Bright Colors

House paint colors, curtains, or furniture should use bright colors. The white color of the walls can be the right choice for narrow room. If you want to use the wallpaper to the wall, then you should choose wallpaper with a small motif.

Large window

If a small window in your home, while doing your small home renovation can replace the windows in the house with large windows to the front of the house. In this way, you can see a large area outdoors as street or park. In addition, large windows also allow more light into the house so the room becomes brighter.

Make Bathroom Design For More Attractive

Each house has always had some space used as function. One of room that is always present in every home that is the bathroom. Yes, this room is a mandatory space used for bathing or waste water and so on. Because of these functions, the bathroom obtaining made to get an impression of a clean and fresh.

bathroom design2

In order can desired impression is certainly the bathroom should be designed in such a way that looks and displays all desired by the people. For those of you who may be one of the people who are looking for inspiration to create a bathroom design that looks fresh and attractive, there are some tips that may guide so that you can make your bathroom look attractive

Choosing Color and Type Ceramic Compatible

One of the tips is of course the selection of colors and types of tiles you use for the base and walls of the bathroom design tone. Where for ceramic color should you choose are the colors that look refreshing and made us feel comfortable, which is a bright color such as warn green, light green, light blue, beige.

With bright color will make the bathroom look more attractive. Meanwhile in terms of texture and you can choose the type of ceramic tiles with patterned texture prominent or uneven. That is because the textured ceramics will reduce the slipperiness of your bathroom floor.

Adorn Bathroom

Then you can create a bathroom design that is aesthetically appealing to decorate and decorate your bathroom with ornaments such as plants, special stickers for bathroom or even you can use natural stone to decorate your bathroom in order to look attractive look.

Giving ventilation and Transparent Roof, as well as the size of the Ideal Bathroom
To make it look cool, tone can make ventilation air and give little illumination effect especially during the daytime, you can install or make a transparent roof. In addition to the ideal size of the bathroom is 3 x 3 meters, where the spacious bathroom we will make our bathrooms more and make more interesting to use.

Tips Build Wooden Houses

Wood is still the excellent material to build a house. This material is so familiar with the culture of building a house in Indonesia. In addition, many people are captivated by the beauty of the wood.


All parts of the house, in principle, can be constructed using wood. Horses, roofs, frames, door-windows, furniture, as well as floors, walls and ceiling, no problem using wooden materials. Even in the days of the former Dutch, several large buildings in Indonesia there is a use of wood as a material foundation.

Of course not all types of wood match or even better used as building elements. The wood used as construction must meet the technical requirements strong, loud, large, and has a high natural durability. This type of wood is right for this, among others, teak, bengkiray, lime, Rasamala, chaos.

The wood is directly exposed to water, for example, the outdoor patio flooring, tile roof truss for shingles, and the like, you should use a water-resistant wood species, such as ironwood, bengkiray, and marine resin. To prioritize the elements of beauty, beautiful wood fiber suitable. This type of wood, among others, teak, coconut, nyatoh, ebony, Sungkai, and rosewood.

Another with wood for furniture. To this should be selected that has a moderate weight, dimension stable, have a decorative element, and easy to work -dipaku, turner, screwed, glued, and so on. The right kind of wood is teak, mahogany, meranti, rosewood and ramin.

In -can also as parquet flooring, hardwood use, powerful high abrasion, acid resistant, easily nailed, and quite strong. The type of wood that fit is chaos, bangkiray, bungur and teak.

Most types of wood are very fragile and easily eaten by termites. Some are quite hard and avoided termites. Type of wood termite resistant enough, one of which is teak. In the body there are teak extractive substances that are toxic to termites reluctant to stop.

Another advantage of teak is a powerful, easy to apply, and has a charming fibers. No wonder if the wood is in great demand. Unfortunately availability now dwindling and scarce. As a result, the price of teak increasingly exorbitant.

  • The most appropriate wood house set in cool or cold temperate areas because wood can bring the warmth.
  • In hotter climates, buildings of wood you should use the AC. It could also apply a minimal pattern bulkhead so that the relationship between a more open space. Thus, the air can flow better.
  • Wooden houses are generally made with stilts to avoid direct contact with the soil. The reason, soil moisture easily create, whereas damp invites termites.
  • Do not forget to use wood that has been in the oven to minimize moisture in the trunk so that the wood does not easily expand or shrink.