10 contacts must be owned Property agents

As real estate agents, there are so many skills that you must have. Not quite up there, a good image is also needed to support the ease of working.

Develop and maintain the quality of any self-critical to your success as a real estate broker. And even more important is how you are able to maintain good relationships with clients / buyers, and as an aid first when they have problems.

Recorded ten contacts or business cards in their wallets should always be a real estate agent. What are the ten contacts that?

1. Marketing bank

A real estate agent starters, try to visit a number of banks that offer mortgage products. Ask for the marketing name card, and begin to establish a good relationship with him.

As an agent, you would be confronted by consumers who want to purchase property on credit. Because not everyone can buy it in hard cash, right?

Thanks to your good relationship with the marketing of some banks, you can freely steer and assist prospective customers in applying for a loan.

2. Property Inspector

Buying property is not as easy as imagined. There are several aspects to be considered one of them thoroughness. Including checking the whole space and the condition of the property so as not to regret later on.

When offered a home or apartment to prospective customers, chances are they have not fully believe what you say.

Therefore, the contact has a property inspector is needed. Call it when potential customers want to survey the property and allow the inspector to explain the details of the property’s condition clearly.

3. Plumber

When the house is rented by the client you are having problems ‘toilet blocked’, this is where your role as a professional real estate agent is needed.

But this will not seem burdensome, if you have a number of experienced plumber.

4. Builder

Less than a few hours away prospective customers will come to survey the house. But apparently, you realize that the door of the bathroom or the kitchen cabinet suffered little damage.

Quiet! If you have a card expert builder, immediately contact and problems will be finished on time.

5. Institutions dealer ART

Being the first to look for when your clients need help is the result of good work for the agent. No matter whatever the type of help that is needed.

Including one when a client requires the services of ART. This seemingly simple things, can be very meaningful for them.

Therefore, as a precaution, keep channeling institutions ART reliable contacts in your wallet. Who knows, one day you will so desperately need.

6. A business associate

Look for business partners who can understand your profession, and be able to guide you in recognizing property sales strategies.

7. Contractor / architect

If you want potential customers renovations on the property you want to buy, contact the architect / contractor mainstay who you know.

8. Gardener

So that the value of properties for sale increased slightly, to beautify the park is one step that can be done. Suggest this way to the client or the seller of the property.

As a good negotiator, you do not just give advice, but can introduce expert gardener directly to your clients. Make sure the phone number in your wallet or your cell phone.

9. Contractor

Speaking a major renovation, is usually closely related to the required services contractors. And have contact contractor who has a good reputation, will be a plus in the eyes of your clients.

10. The flower seller

Who would have thought, contact the florist can be so you need to learn a business associate or client birthday middle.

Tips Build Wooden Houses

Wood is still the excellent material to build a house. This material is so familiar with the culture of building a house in Indonesia. In addition, many people are captivated by the beauty of the wood.


All parts of the house, in principle, can be constructed using wood. Horses, roofs, frames, door-windows, furniture, as well as floors, walls and ceiling, no problem using wooden materials. Even in the days of the former Dutch, several large buildings in Indonesia there is a use of wood as a material foundation.

Of course not all types of wood match or even better used as building elements. The wood used as construction must meet the technical requirements strong, loud, large, and has a high natural durability. This type of wood is right for this, among others, teak, bengkiray, lime, Rasamala, chaos.

The wood is directly exposed to water, for example, the outdoor patio flooring, tile roof truss for shingles, and the like, you should use a water-resistant wood species, such as ironwood, bengkiray, and marine resin. To prioritize the elements of beauty, beautiful wood fiber suitable. This type of wood, among others, teak, coconut, nyatoh, ebony, Sungkai, and rosewood.

Another with wood for furniture. To this should be selected that has a moderate weight, dimension stable, have a decorative element, and easy to work -dipaku, turner, screwed, glued, and so on. The right kind of wood is teak, mahogany, meranti, rosewood and ramin.

In -can also as parquet flooring, hardwood use, powerful high abrasion, acid resistant, easily nailed, and quite strong. The type of wood that fit is chaos, bangkiray, bungur and teak.

Most types of wood are very fragile and easily eaten by termites. Some are quite hard and avoided termites. Type of wood termite resistant enough, one of which is teak. In the body there are teak extractive substances that are toxic to termites reluctant to stop.

Another advantage of teak is a powerful, easy to apply, and has a charming fibers. No wonder if the wood is in great demand. Unfortunately availability now dwindling and scarce. As a result, the price of teak increasingly exorbitant.

  • The most appropriate wood house set in cool or cold temperate areas because wood can bring the warmth.
  • In hotter climates, buildings of wood you should use the AC. It could also apply a minimal pattern bulkhead so that the relationship between a more open space. Thus, the air can flow better.
  • Wooden houses are generally made with stilts to avoid direct contact with the soil. The reason, soil moisture easily create, whereas damp invites termites.
  • Do not forget to use wood that has been in the oven to minimize moisture in the trunk so that the wood does not easily expand or shrink.

What to Do with Your Business after a Natural Disaster

Going through any kind of natural disaster is something that can be completely devastating. In the moments after the disaster has occurred, most individuals are concerned about their family, neighbors, and friends. Once everyone has been accounted for and any medical issues have been addressed, many individuals turn to their home to see how much damage has been done. For individuals who own a business, their thoughts turn to the business and they wonder what is left of it.

After a natural disaster, it is extremely important for you to begin to document the damage that has taken place. You will need to contact your insurance company, and they will send out a commercial claims adjuster. Depending on how many homes and businesses in the area were affected by the disaster, it may be a while before the adjuster can come to your place of business. Make sure that you take pictures and document things that have been damaged or are even missing. The claims adjuster will tell you how to proceed in order to get full compensation for your loss according to what has been set out in your insurance policy.

After the insurance company has been contacted and they have given you instructions on how to proceed, you will likely be able to begin cleanup. Some business owners decide to hire professionals to take care of the entire cleanup process. The others will do the work on their own or will help the professionals. No matter what, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. If the disaster involved flooding, the main priority will be getting rid of water and trying to dry everything as much as possible. In addition to the actual damage that water can do to a home or a place of business, there is always the possibility that mold growth will begin to develop. Besides the fact that mold is unsightly and stinky, it is also dangerous for your health and the health of your employees.

Depending on the extent of damage that was done, it may be necessary to speak with a local garbage removal company and have them bring large bins to your place of business. This will allow you to get rid of all damaged items, including water damaged furniture and ruined carpet.

Going through a natural disaster is devastating and stressful. However, following the instructions given by your insurance company and starting cleanup as soon as possible can help you get through the entire ordeal.

5 Important Tips For Interior Design Minimalist

The minimalist design is built by connecting the lighting, neutral colors and shape of the house. Striking colors used in only a minor detail in a room. Common materials used in the interior design is minimalist stone and natural wood, metal and glass. It is also common for furniture items.

1. Furniture

When choosing furniture for projects of this kind, the focus is on natural wood, leather, glass and stainless steel. These materials give the room a sleek look. Focus on low furniture items closer to the floor chair, table or fireplace for a minimalist space.

2. Walls and Floors

White is the most common color for the walls in a minimalist design. This color gives any room a larger appearance and increase the effects of other design elements in the room. Neutral colors and natural stone colors are also suitable. It is not advisable to use a varied color scheme for a room because it can make a small room look and feel cluttered.

3. Lighting

Good light is suitable for a room with a minimalist feel. With the right light can produce a perfect minimalist atmosphere for a room or house.

4. Window

The window must be left open so that sunlight can enter spatial during the daytime. White curtains allow more privacy and wooden windows suitable for natural colors. Many designers choose to enlarge the window as much as possible as this increases the amount of light in the room.

5. Decoration and Accessories

Storage space is also a key element, the goods are not so useful can be stored in the room. Candles are perfect for a minimalist room for about providing natural lighting.


When designing a room with a minimalist look, it is important to use natural colors / neutral, so that the room can look big and clean. With a minimalist design can increase the feeling of calm. The rooms are designed using the principles of minimalism can be easily cleaned and save maintenance costs.

Tips for Choosing Furniture Home Minimalist

The existence of furniture in the house is very important, because not only can be used according to its function. But also at the same time can make the room look more attractive. It is sometimes easy easy difficulty in applying furniture. But in fact many ways choosing furniture minimalist home can be applied. What are the tips that can be applied to the arrangement of furniture looks beautiful, neat and functional?

Place the furniture in accordance with the theme of the house

furniture home minimalist

Furniture should match the theme of home design. For example, the house is designed with a minimalist concept, the furniture is applied also must have a minimalist concept. So that seemed to blend with home furniture, harmonious, comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Match furniture with ambient conditions

For example, you apply the material residential wood on the side of the wall, then you should reduce the set of various furniture made of ceramic. Another option is to use furniture with glass material or various types of furniture made from wood material. Transparent screen is made of glass can also be applied to a particular room. For homes with a minimalist design is certainly very suitable when applying minimalist furniture.

The size of the furniture

The size of the furniture is very dependent on the availability of the room. Because the selection of furniture size depends on the condition of the room. Minimalist rooms with limited space, certainly more appropriate when applying moderate sized furniture. Placing oversized furniture will only make the room feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Color selection of furniture

The combination of colors of furniture and interior decoration should be combined, in order to create a comfortable and beautiful shades. Better to avoid the application of low-contrast color on the furniture, because it will only make the atmosphere of the room to be uncomfortable and unsightly.

Note the value for the room

Should choose furniture that is needed in the room. Such as by putting a comfortable sofa in the living room. It is very suitable, thus supporting time relaxing or hanging out with family and other loved ones.

Provide adequate budget

Availability budget will help you in achieving the desired furniture minimalist home. Always prioritizing the quality of the product rather than just drool at cheap prices.

Explore Home Settings and Designs With Vacation Rentals

When you’re thinking of remodeling your home or buying a new home, you’ll want to be sure that you make the right choices for your personality and lifestyle. No matter how many magazines you look through, nothing will quite compare to actually living in a home. A great way to find out if a certain home style or setting suits you is to rent a fancy home for your vacation.

These luxury homes can be in wooded settings, on lakes or rivers, and even in urban hot spots. You can spend a weekend at a log cabin, upscale lake home, or a condo in a metropolitan area. One example of luxury real estate in Crystal Lake Illinois will introduce you to living in a timber frame French country style home.

Lake Living

If you or someone in your family has been thinking of buying a home on a lake, a vacation rental will let you find out if you like the setting before spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some people might love the serenity of waking up to a sunny row of large of windows filled with a stunning view of water. Other people might find the tranquil setting boring and long for urban stimulation.

Back Country Retreat

Not all vacation rentals are on water. Some are nestled deep in quiet woods. A place like this could offer you hiking, a place to enjoy recreational vehicles, and mountain views. A long weekend in an secret hideout might allow you to decompress and get in tune with Nature.

By renting a remote getaway, you’ll get a feel for commuting through a rural area. You’ll experience what it’s like to drive to buy necessities like groceries or gas.

Experience New Features and Amenities

Many vacation homes come with a hot tub, sauna, open floor plan, beautiful staircases, or outdoor kitchens. Choosing to spend a week at a home with one or more of these amenities could help you make a decision about adding something to your home. Features like hardwood floors and wood stoves are also very common at these homes. During your getaway, you’ll find out if you like these things.

On your next vacation, make it about more than just putting up your feet. Use it as an opportunity to explore new lifestyles and find ideas for your home.