white clothes

Secrets of how to keep white clothes are not dull

Do you belong to the one person who is afraid to wear white? You are afraid of your white clothes become dull if used too often or because there is something wrong in the washing process? Yes, all these things can happen. However, now you do not need to be afraid anymore.

Here are some tricks to make white clothes remain clean and bright white.

1. Wash the white clothes having once or twice user

Even if you can not see it, actually sweat and dust can turn white clothes become dull over time, so whenever possible you should immediately wash it off after once or twice user.

2. Clean the stain as soon as possible

This should be done when your white clothing stains such as ketchup or coffee. However, if the stain is in the form of sweat in the armpits or some other parts, rub the section using liquid detergent, then let stand for 15 minutes clothes in the bath, before drying.

3. Always separate the white clothes with colored clothes

This is a must. When you mix all the colors of clothing into one, you will not know what color is faded, and cause your white clothes become dull. At least if you separate them before washing, you can keep white clothes.

4. Select the detergent bleach

Generally, this detergent will make the white color on the clothes look whiter. If you use a detergent is blue, it is not impossible garments also over time will look blue.

5. Make sure the size of your cleaner

Overuse or less using the cleaner can make clothing becomes dull. Why? Because of the resulting foam too much or less, so it does not wash away the stain should be. You simply use the instructions contained in the bottle of detergent you use.

6. Do not fill your washing machine too full

When you know there is a little space inside a washing machine that is missing, you might not bear to throw some clothes again, so that the machine is fully charged. In fact, this should not be done. Clothes need room to move in order to clean the washing machine. If you fill the washing machine, there is not enough space interaction between clothes with detergent, so the net result was not optimal.

7. Use hot water

The more hot water you use, it will kill all the germs on your clothes. In order not to damage the material of your clothes, pay attention to water temperature that should be used for washing on the clothes label.

8. Dry the appropriate clothing label rules

This is the real reason why the clothes were in the closet for too long can also be dull. We recommend that you read the labels in the clothes to see how the treatment is supposed to do.