Options for French Door Treatments

The treatments that you add to your new French doors can certainly bring a touch of elegance to this new purchase. You’ll want to make sure that they don’t interrupt the basic functions of your doors, but when you are shopping for treatments keep in mind your interior design scheme or the decor that you want to have in your home. You’ll be able to choose from lovely fabric shades, vinyl shades that give as much privacy as you need, or simply some tie-back sheers that highlight the door itself. You want to allow plenty of natural light to permeate your living space but to have enough privacy at night to keep your personal habits and activities just that – private. Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available to you for your new French doors.

  • French Door TreatmentsSheers are elegant fabrics that allow light to come through them. They are flowing pieces of fabric that enhance any door or window on which they are placed. With sheers you can use elegant tie-backs that carry the details of your decor in this small element of design. Sheers won’t interrupt the operation of your French doors and will simply highlight the features of the doors; keep in mind that sheers won’t provide you with a great amount of privacy so if your goal is to block out light and views, sheers are not your choice.
  • When you’re shopping for treatments for your French doors, you can ask a professional interior designer for advice about what would work best on French doors. You can also see some of the styles that are available and how they are dressed with elegant treatments at http://windowstoreplastics.co.uk. It’s important not to use treatments that scratch door handles, get in the way of hinge movement, or get snagged on the locking mechanism when you try to close the doors.
  • You can always use curtains or drapes that match the decor you have in the room where the French doors are located. Be sure to measure properly so that you won’t buy too much curtain material for the doors that you have; a professional can advise you about how to properly measure for treatments for your French doors so that no returns will have to be made.
  • Finally, you can buy blinds that are specifically designed for use on French doors. They will be a bit more expensive but will give you a variety of options; you can keep them open during daylight hours so that you can enjoy the views and the sunshine and close them at night for added privacy. Whatever your desire, blinds can be the perfect solution when you want the best of sunlight and privacy.

Buying the right treatment for your French doors will enhance their look, let sunlight still enter your room, and can provide privacy when you need it.