Hiring Chemical Inspectors

Hiring Chemical Inspectors

Chemical inspectors will make sure your workplace is in full compliance with local safety standards. They’ll also protect you from lawsuits by giving you the information you need to establish a safe, secure and non-hazardous warehouse or gas plant. If you’re ready to bring your business into compliance, consider this a quick guide to hiring chemical inspectors.

Learn The Lingo

An API 653 inspection will have different requirements than that of a gas hydro treater. A visual inspection (VT) isn’t the same thing as a wet-dry magnetic particle inspection (MT). These may be a lot of acronyms to take in at once, but if you’re serious about passing inspection, you’ll need to get familiar with them.

Check Their Credentials

What kind of company is lending out the inspectors? Are they certified or otherwise fully in accordance with ASNT-TC-IA? Are their operations 100 percent devoted to gas plant or storage tank inspections, or do they dabble in other areas too? There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to the background of chemical inspection companies, but some facts may sit with you better than others, so it’s always worth the effort to do your research.

Ask About Payment

Money matters should always be settled quickly and directly. How much is your inspection going to cost you? Will you receive an estimate before a final bill? Are there any extra expenses not listed on their website that you should be expecting? Be sure you won’t go broke trying to bring your warehouse in compliance with the law.

Demand an Insurance Policy

If the company really has faith in their inspection abilities, they should have no problem offering you some kind of insurance policy in the rare event that they don’t catch everything. If you’re found liable for something they should have spotted, will they give you a refund? Or can they offer any other kind of promise to ensure your confidence in them?

These are just a few tips for hiring chemical inspection services. It isn’t an easy job, but someone has to do it!