Decorating Tips Ceiling House with Ornament ‘Glow In The Dark’

The ceilings in the house is a part that is often forgotten. People generally only perform finishing with paint plain neutral color that tends to clear. In fact, this ceiling can give the feel and different impression. Examples artistic impression attractive themed glow in the dark.

You must be familiar with decorations glow in the dark that many in the market. Model and variegated forms that can be selected according to taste.

The ceilings are decorated with this theme can change the atmosphere of the evening more enjoyable. House so looks artsy, unique and comfortable. Not only that, using glow in the dark decoration on the ceiling of the house can also be a solution to save electricity. You can turn off the lights at night and get the light of the decoration.

For areas that experience frequent power outages also can use this method, which decorate the ceiling with glow in the dark theme. During the day decoration glow in the dark still looks stunning as it makes ceilings and walls to life.

So, you can try to apply this theme at home when redecorating. No need to worry about the price, because the price is relatively affordable. As well as equipment used for decorating. Like glue firing, push pin and hammer.

The idea of ​​using this one also fits decoration applied ahead of Christmas and New Year. If you are interested to try it, here are some frugal tips for decorating the ceiling.

Saving Tips

Should not stick garnish glow in the dark with double-sided tape. It is effective, but believe it will not last long. Double tape also risk damaging the display wall when there are loose and reassembled. It is strongly advised to wear bullet glue so strong and durable.

The equipment used to create this theme include decorations glow in the dark (select the shape according to taste), glue shoot, push pin and hammer.

The trick preheat firing and give a little glue on the back of the decoration. Then attach the push pin on the last shot glue and glue tightly wait a few minutes. Do this on all the decor will be pasted on the ceiling.

Furthermore, you can create decorations decorate the sky with a glow in the dark. Use a hammer to make a strong glue decorations. Create distance between decorations to make the look more beautiful.

After that try to turn off the lights and see the results. Ceiling so much life and make you more comfortable. Saving, quick and easy to apply. Good luck!