HEPA Filters

A Guide to HVAC Filters

Professional guides and the majority of homeowners will attest filter type and proper maintenance techniques truly affect energy efficiency. Not only that, but the right filter can protect an HVAC system from costly repairs. Although all of the owner’s manuals recommend a monthly filter replacement, it’s difficult for many inexperienced homeowners to determine the purpose and the right type for their system.


The purpose of an HVAC filter is to not only protect your unit from dust collecting inside and clogging the system, but also to prevent dust and allergens from entering your home. The inner workings of an HVAC unit are complex and will easily accumulate buildup after time without a proper filter installed.


Dirty filters can actually cause HVAC systems to working harder than necessary, increasing the risk of an overheated unit or other serious damage. The right filter will reduce energy usage as the equipment can run uninterrupted, as it keeps the air free from indoor allergens.


Avoid attempting to cut costs by purchasing the lowest model of filter. Fiberglass filters may be cheap, but the majority of allergens will sneak through the screen. Select high-quality HEPA filters to reduce indoor dust, dander and the like. In doing so you’ll reduce energy costs and protect your health.