Benefits of Tea Powder For House Cleaning

Bag or tea powder, it turns out not only provide good benefits for the health of those who diligently consume body. Tea powder long been known to be a supplement commonly used household cleaners. As reported Boldsky pages, the following five benefits that are owned by the powder or tea bag.

Removing Stains Toilet

A used tea bag can be used to clean the stain attached to the toilet.

Caring and Cleaning Carpet

Tea powder can be used to clean the carpet, by sprinkling on the surface. After settling approximately 15 minutes, the carpet will certainly smelling fresh.

Maintaining Color Wood Floor

To maintain the color of the wood flooring, black tea powder is the most appropriate choice.

Polishing Furniture

Water steeping tea, it can also be used for polishing furniture.

Cleaning the Mirror

To make the window and the mirror looks more clear, rub half a tea bag still wet on the surface of the mirror.

Modern Wooden House Model And Exotic

In antiquity, in general, houses are built only by using a wooden base. But with concomitant developments in the field of building construction and the limited raw materials taken from nature, the use of concrete has become the primary choice. Currently only some people who still choose to set up a wooden house. Wooden house model chosen especially for those that want to occupancy impressive classical and exotic and friendly to the environment.

Model Modern Wooden House Nuance

In Indonesia alone when they hear the word “wood house” the imagination that comes to mind is a wooden house with a traditional design. For example, the original Javanese Joglo house or houses on stilts typical Malay commonly found in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Yet for his own wooden house can be built with a variety of designs in accordance with the wishes of the owner of the house. There are many options for the design of wooden houses, such as modern wooden house which has an exotic impression.

Wooden house can also be built using contemporary design or minimalist design which is currently the trend. Design contemporary or minimalist wooden house, wooden house will still have an exotic appearance gets a modern twist. However, make sure first that the wood used has a high quality, so that the wooden house is sturdy and long lasting. As a decoration, can also be added concrete and natural stone elements on the wooden house. In this way also, residential wooden house can be a unique and if the house is sold will have a high value.

Models Wooden House and Leisure interior

Wooden houses also have the convenience of such homes are built using concrete. The division of each room and its layout arrangement was not much different. In the model of a wooden house, you can adopt a simple contemporary design, adding a little ornament and use a bold motifs.

The layout in each room feels more open with the restriction that barely felt. Although the use of materials of wood, the interior of this house models can also use colors that vary according to the wishes and do not have to follow the basic color of the wood. By applying bright colors for the living room, can cause the room memorable relief.

Furthermore, for the selection of furniture or furniture either in the family room, room and kitchen furniture should choose simple and multi-function so as to provide flexibility for family members in the activity in the house. Take advantage of every corner of the house with efficiently. For example, you can add storage shelves on the wall to put a collection of books and other objects.

Arrangement of light in the interior of the house will also support the model of a wooden house. Window with a medium-size, can be placed in any room for sunlight to enter with sufficient intensity. Meanwhile, as the lighting at night, in addition to using the main light taste. You can add some light to highlight small, to add to the impression of elegance and exotic wooden house more pronounced.