Winning in Court with Professional and Objective Testimony

The outcome of many legal cases depends on the testimony and proof offered during arguments. This information can sway the jury and judge to your favor or convince them to rule against you.

When you are suing a real estate developer or builder, you need to show that these individuals were in the wrong, which can be difficult if they are considered to be licensed and accredited industry professionals. You can prove that they were negligent with the structural integrity, building waterproofing, foundation construction, and other services by entrusting the development’s inspection to an objective forensic organization.

Studies to Support Your Case

The company specializes in studying and inspecting buildings for faults like a lack of structural integrity or insufficient waterproofing. Because it is not closely linked to the developer or you, the company can assess the situation and create a fair report that can stand up in court.

The report, however, can be the deciding factor in whether or not the judge and jury believe your arguments or will decide in favor of the businesses you are suing. They can offer expert advice in court so the judge and jury understand the situation better and also so that the court can determine if you have a case that is worth hearing and deciding.

The people who work for the company also offers years of training and experience in the industry. They know what an intact and structurally honest building should look like versus one that is poorly built and at risk of falling apart.

Learning More

You can decide whether or not to hire the service for your case by going to its website. It offers months’ worth of newsletters that you can click on and read to get a better idea of what kind of help it can offer you in court.

You can also use the links on the website to read more about other cases in which the service was involved. The people who work there have investigated buildings and businesses of all sizes. The details of the organization’s prior cases are available to read on the website.

Many judges and juries are not familiar with building codes or engineering. You can educate them in these details and also help them decide in your favor by hiring a service to testify for your case about your building project in court.