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Why Is My French Drain Backing Up?

Water backing up from your French drain system can cause a serious problem in and outside the home if not repaired quickly. The problems are usually easy for professionals to fix, but letting the problem go can cost you thousands in foundation repairs down the road. Below are a few of the more common causes of Frech drain back-ups.

Sump Pump Failure

French drain systems are designed to work using natural gravity water removal, or sump pump assistance. Failure of the sump pump can lead to flooding in your home and in the areas surrounding the foundation. You will need to have this pump replaced or repaired to avoid repeat flooding and damage to the home. Dry out the area as quickly as possible and seek professional assessment and assistance.

Clog in a Drain Line

Debris can enter drain lines and cause clogs over a period of time. This is a more common occurrence in systems that depend on natural gravity to drain. This is because the water is usually moving through the system at a slower pace. Less water force will allow debris often to stick around and begin forming a clog. You will need someone with a camera system to locate the area of the clog and remove the problem.

Increased Amounts of Rain and Water Run-Off

There may be a time that rains and snow melt are in amounts that are too much for the system to handle. You may be experiencing a back-up from the French drain being overwhelmed. This is usually temporary and will clear up as soon as the moisture reaches acceptable levels and moves on through the system.

High Water Tables

If the water tables are high on your property, it will not take much for the ground to become saturated. This leads to the French drain backing up periodically. If this is the case, research ways to lessen the impact on the system by using other methods of water removal from the area of the home. This can be as simple as grading a slope for water to flow away from the foundation, instead of pooling at the base.

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