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Whipping Your Home into Shape for Winter

Now that summertime has become a distant memory and autumn’s quickly on its way out, the time has come to start prepping your home for winter. With the past few winters being among the coldest in recorded history, preparing early has become more important than ever. Fortunately, getting your residence in shape for the cold weather season doesn’t have to be an arduous chore. Taking the following steps well in advance of winter’s arrival will pay off in the form of a consistently warm home.

Heater Inspection

It’s highly recommended that you have your home’s furnace or central heater inspected at the beginning of autumn. This ensures that any potential problems are caught early on, effectively preventing unexpected breakdowns in the dead of winter. A seasoned heating and cooling specialist will be able to give your furnace a thorough once-over in a matter of minutes. During this time, he or she will identify any parts that need to be replaced and break up any clogs.

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Double-Paned Windows

Even with a fully-operational furnace, keeping your home warm throughout the entire season can be awfully pricey. Since warm air is constantly escaping through your doors and windows – even when they’re closed – your furnace has to put in overtime in order to keep up. This ultimately puts a strain on both the furnace and your finances. Luckily, double-paned windows – also known as “energy-efficient windows” – can help offset home heating costs. Because they’re so much thicker and more resilient than standard windows, double-paned windows are better equipped to prevent warm air from escaping your residence. As an added bonus, these windows are adept at sealing in cool air throughout the summer months.

Roof Inspection

Before snow starts falling, it behooves any responsible homeowner to have their roof thoroughly inspected. A licensed roofing expert will be able to detect and repair any holes, thus preventing unexpected wintertime leaks. This person will also have a look at your gutters and determine whether or not they’re equipped to handle heavy snowfall.

Rife with record-breaking snowfall and frigid temperatures, the last several winters have been anything but mild. When faced with such weather, there’s no better defense that a nice, toasty house. To ensure that your home remains comfortably warm all winter long, remember to have your heater and roof inspected and invest in double-paned windows.