sleeping beauty

Want to sleep better? Change your room!

Sleeping at night is one of the activities that are important for the body. Healthy adults need at least ideal time to sleep between 7-8 hours for the muscles and the mind can get back in shape.

Not only that, certain hormones such as growth hormone also can only work when we sleep soundly at night. That is why we need to make sure we had enough sleep every night.

And so that you sleep more soundly and quality, make some changes in your bedroom as summarized below.

1. Keep a luminous object

The existence of any as little light in the room can affect melatonin levels in the body. Melatonin is a hormone made by a small gland in the brain that helps control sleep cycles and wakes you up.

If you have a desk clock alarm which emits light, pose these hours in the opposite direction to the sleeping position.

2. Turn on the fan

Some studies suggest the sleep quality can be improved by turning a certain consistent noise. These sounds can be created at home by turning on the fan, even now there are specialized applications that provide these sounds like the sound of raindrops or wind.

3. Provide lavender fragrance

This floral fragrance has been long known to provide tranquility and lower heart rate and blood pressure. With fragrant lavender oil is sold in the market, you can to diffuse in the room or sip it shortly before bed.

4. Set up a personal quilt

Using a blanket with another person can not actually make you sleep more soundly because when the person moves, the blanket will follow him so that it can keep you awake.

Besides using a blanket together can also make you feel more grip, better use of their own blankets.

5. Wrap bed

Based on studies conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, the beds were tidied every day can make bedtime become more qualified. So, do not forget to tidy up the bed in the morning.

6. Use a comfortable pillow

Choose a comfortable pillow to support your neck and head. A pillow had to be used within a certain time. In time 1-2 years you have to replace the pillow, especially if there is a stain on the pillow or a permanent yellow color.

Note also the material used as a pillowcase if enough soft.

7. Sleep in cool temperatures

The cold air can make your body want to rest so much faster. Some specialists advise to sleep at a temperature of 25-29 degrees celsius. Pretty cool so you need a blanket to sleep.