making home cool

Want to Have Home Cool? Follow Tips Here

Living in tropical areas, of course we have to get used to the heat in our homes. However, this condition can we minimize the following steps:

Park in a narrow area

How narrow any remaining land, use as a green area. In addition to optically can refresh the eyes, green area can be used as a deterrent hot air into the house. Instead, place the garden in the west or east in order to reduce direct sunlight and make the incoming air cooler. You can also create a garden near the garage or kitchen. The park is located near the garage or kitchen will absorb carbon elements arising from hot air by the activity in the area.

Ceiling height

Wake up your house with a ceiling height of a floor of 2.75 m to about 4 m. By paying attention to the ceiling and floor spacing, pressure hot air that comes into the house can be minimized.

Planted on the roof of the house

Whenever possible, plant a crop in the field of flat roofs to reduce solar heat.

Cover home with sunscreen

If your house is facing west or east, use solar filters (sunscreen). The shape can vary, it can be quite lush trees, or material that has been processed into a curtain or cover.

Enough openings

Air exchange in the house should be smooth. Therefore, during the build process, pay attention to home openings, such as windows, doors, and vents. Note also the direction toward home. Best if not directly facing the sun. To that end, the windows are made with wide openings do not face towards the west or east, but faced to the north or south.