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Try to Make It Comfortable in New Homes

Moving to a new home is exciting for some people. In addition to the building is neat and clean, you will also have neighbors and a new atmosphere. Well, when it was moved in the new house, it turns out you can not directly take for granted.

After completion spotless clean and arrange the furniture from the old house, there is a small remodeling tasks that should be done in order to feel comfortable in the new homes occupy. Any list of chores you have to do it?

Reforming Room

If you had to choose the most important room for in order first, then the bedroom is the answer. The bedrooms are neat and orderly according to our tastes will give you a good mood to stay in the new house. Prioritizing your bedroom and children’s room at the trim as comfortable as possible. More space can you order in the next days.

Carport canopy

Generally, the middle class in Indonesia have a personal vehicle used for everyday activities, be it a motorcycle or a car. To the parking area in front of the house should be made permanent by adding semi canopy.

Yes, the new housing plots developers typically do not provide a canopy for vehicle parking area of ​​the house. So, you must order the canopy that normally costs calculated per square meter. Choose a gorgeous canopy carved to give the exterior aesthetic value of the house.

Renovation Wall

To make your new home more character, add a touch of renovation on the interior walls. The easiest way is to add a curtain with the motifs and colors that match the theme of the room. If you want more permanent, maybe you need to repaint the wall color of the room. Since most of the new homes just in the paint with white or other neutral colors.

Buy New Furniture

Of course not all the old furniture was still feasible in use in the new house. If you want your home to look fresher, replace old with new furnishings. Buy new furniture that is really needed as a bed and dresser. Make sure you do not carelessly buy new stuff, but note its size is suitable to be placed in your home.