Home Clean Tips

Tips to keep your home clean when you have a baby

If you had been indifferent to the tidiness and cleanliness of the house, it should not be forgotten when you have a baby.

In order for your baby’s health to be undisturbed-so are you who, if you are sick, will be infectious to the child-surely you have to guarantee a house free of viruses and disease-causing bacteria. Make sure you do this at home when there is a new dweller in your house.

Just eat at the dinner table

Make rules to always use the table for family members who want to snack or eat. This is to prevent the fall of food crumbs to other areas. Food crumbs will invite ants and even cockroaches that cause the room at home infected with the disease.

Put shoes outdoors

Expensive – expensive your shoes, if it is already used outdoors, do not bring it into the house. Leave in the garage area, or if you are very afraid the shoe is missing, insert it immediately into a box or plastic bag, just keep it in the house.

Leaving shoes from outside into the house will make dust and dirt go inside.

Distinguish the trash

Do not compare all the trash-especially the ones in the nursery. Distinguish the dumpster for dry waste and wet trash. Because wet garbage tends to more quickly invite the emergence of fungi and bacteria.

Immediately dispose of your garbage outdoors after a few hours and keep baby out of the trash.

Clean the baby’s room

Before the baby settles in the room, make sure the condition of the room is clean of dust. Choose safe and toxin-free bed sheets and beds, and clean the floors, windows, and all corners of the walls for dust-free.

Open the room window to smooth the air circulation. Use light-colored wall paint, such as white, light blue, or light green to keep the room bright.

Tidy bookshelves

If you have not touched your book collection for a long time, you should keep the book in the closet so as not to cause dust buildup. Make sure the display shelf is also not too full of photo frames so you can easily clean it.

Prepare wet wipes in some rooms

For rooms, living rooms, and other spaces that you often use with babies, make it a habit to prepare wet wipes in the room. Point, if you see there are stains near you, you can immediately clean it with wet wipes.