Tips to Keep Plants in Indoor

To create a room that is fresh and airy, while overcoming the limited home page, put your indoor plants.

Pot plants will beautify the room in your home so refreshing eye. However, treating the plants in the room could not go around, unless you no matter if the plant becomes quickly die. In order for the plant remain beautiful and durable.

Not plant flowers

Choose leafy plants, not that there is interest. Leaved plants tend to be more resilient in any area that is less illumination than sunlight flower plants.

Because the interest would be quickly rot if the sun light is not adequate. While the leaves of plants more flexible, the maximum he just discolored and not rot.

Note the pot

Do not use pots that nobody saucer. Each pot will still be equipped with a hole in the top so that when watered, the water that is not used to flow out of the pot.

If no coasters, water mixed with soil would contaminate the floor or a table of your home. In addition, the fruit immediately the remaining water in the saucer so as not inviting mosquitoes to lay eggs or mildew around the pot.

Remove every week

We recommend that you remove the plant from the room 1-2 times a week, because the plant still needs the outside air and the sunlight so that growth is not interrupted.

Let stand for 1-2 hours until the whole trunk is exposed to sunlight.

There needs to be watered every day

Because the air in the room a more airy, soil, stems and leaves of plants indoors for longer drying when exposed to water.

So that the trunk is not easy to damp and rot, you can simply water it every two days. Use the spray to plants such as cactus little to prevent water splashed onto the floor or desk.

Avoid hot areas

Although indoors, the plants remain in need of circulation and the plants will wither and limp if the room is too hot.

So avoid putting it in the kitchen near the stove area. If you really want to beautify the kitchen, put the plant in the sink or near a window.