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Tips Interior Design Modern Minimalist Home

The house is a primary need for humans. In addition to the house is a treasure not running, its function is very important for the whole family to settle down and take shelter from any weather outside. In order to feel comfortable and welcome to stay at home, usually the house is designed as possible. This is the role of home design in order to create the ideal home for us.

Lots of today’s home designs, ranging from modern, contemporary, classic, minimalist, simple, ethnic, etc. When you have a large area, we will have no difficulty in choosing the design of the house. Due to insufficient land, we can freely express yourself in making the dream house. But when we have limited land, house design may be applied to our homes or later is simple minimalist type.

For this time I will give a good choice for you in creating your dream house. Namely tips interior design modern minimalist house, incorporation of modern and minimalist design.

design modern home

  1. Utilization room
    The house is minimalist good looks of the proper use of the room. So that the house looks spacious and airy, between the room and the other one should avoid bulkheads and furniture that take up space. So do not choose big furniture for your home, because the room will feel overcrowded. For a modern look, choose furniture with matching color to your room.
  2. Choice of wall color
    Minimalist modern home design should pay attention to home base and wall color. We recommend using color matching, to give the impression of a minimalist. You can choose the color of white, gray and beige. Which must be avoided is the selection of striking colors and bright, like red, yellow or green.
  3. Roof
    High roof of the house is very important in a minimalist home, because the roof of the house that is too low will make the house look narrow and stifling of course. The next one is to use a roof color matching the color of the room. With a high roof and the right color choice, your home has been qualified as minimalist modern home.
  4. Light settings
    Setting light in the house is also affect to your home design modern minimalist theme. Use bright lights, so that each corner of the room to avoid the dark. You can also add a table lamp with shade, to create beams at certain parts and give special effects on the ceiling. For lighting during the day, you should rely on sunlight for energy saving. All you have to do is, set the position of the window in such a way. For sunlight to enter and illuminate the inside of the house well.
  5. Home decoration
    Home decoration function is to beautify the home. But not all the trimmings can be used to beautify the home. At home with modern minimalist design, should not be used decoration great. Just use a simple decoration, such as family photos and paintings stick with medium and small sizes. Or you can also put a mirror as a wall decoration. Unless mirrors, large size better. Because it can make your room seem more spacious.
  6. Right furniture
    Should choose furniture that is not narrow room. The use of tables and chairs that are too large will make the cramped room. We recommend using the minimalist chairs and tables to save space. And do not put unnecessary furniture in the room, just to fill the empty space that you can put flowers in pots as needed. Choose flowers with a fragrant scent, so that the air in the room is fresh.

Thus tips interior design modern minimalist house that I can share with you. Basically minimalist home is to avoid the use of furniture or decoration unnecessary. And characteristics of the modern home is the use of a matching color in each room with the proper placement of the room and the added decoration modern decoration. So minimalist modern home design is a combination of both. May be useful, thank you for your visit