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Things you should consider before buying Apartments

Apparently there are things to consider before buying an apartment. Yes, do not just think about the perks of living in an apartment just like close to work, supported facilities that support lifestyle, to beautiful scenery when you wake up in the morning or lights at night, but consider also other things.

Not just about price but also other aspects such as location, land status, facilities, and others. And these are the things to consider before buying an apartment.


Whether purchasing a house or apartment, the location is always an important point. Especially the apartment. Make sure you buy an apartment that has good prospects based on its location. Find out also whether the apartment to be purchased flood of enthusiasts or not.

Dig information about what facilities are located around the apartment of your choice. Does it fit your needs? Find out through property reviews that are presented objectively and transparently so that you can assess the specifications of apartment materials, facilities, infrastructure development plans around the site, to price comparisons with other apartments in the vicinity.

Land Status and Parking Area

If you do not want to get stuck in traffic and spend time on the streets for hours when you go to work, you should choose an apartment that is located close to the office. Or maybe select an apartment near the shopping center and where to eat?

The floor location also needs to be considered. If you have children or live with the elderly, select units on the lower floor to keep them safe and secure. If the elevator is in trouble, go up the emergency stairs too so not too heavy.

Land Status

Another aspect to note is the status of the land. Whether residential or commercial. If the status of the land enters the commercial class, then the estimated value and bill of costs for purposes such as electricity, water, hygiene, will be higher than that of residential status.

Parking area

Consider also a parking lot. The majority of apartments only provide one parking lot to accommodate one car per unit. If you have more than two cars then get ready to spend extra funds to rent a parking lot.

Find out whether the parking area is in tight security or not? Are there security guards keeping the parking area for 24 hours? Instead, choose a parking unit adjacent to the elevator if staying with your child or your parents.

Excellent Facilities

There are many apartments that offer facilities such as swimming pool, gym, children’s playground up to the multipurpose room to support the various needs of its users. However, if you purchase a sub-sale property it would be prudent to check every condition of the available facilities.