new homeowner

Things to know new homeowners

Shortly after getting married, you and your partner finally managed to have a dream home. You began to busy buying and managing a variety of items to be placed in the home.

But, before you busy with activities to fill the house, there are some things you must know as a homeowner newbie. These include the following.

Learn about power tools

Needless to experts, the minimum you know its function. So, if at any time there is an emergency related to electricity, you can handle it. For example, air conditioning in the house suddenly damaged and cause electrical home drop, at least you know how to handle it.

Check the condition of waterways

Ask your parents or friends who experienced related waterways ideal. For example, if the roof has a gutter, gutters should be cleaned a minimum of once a week to prevent rubbish piling up that cause stagnant water and leaking.

You should also be aware there are several waterways that should be closed using hollow wire. Point to prevent rats or snakes into the house through the waterway.

Check the water pump

Although the rainy season is not always the flow of water coming into your home will go smoothly. Then, check the pump every time on. Make sure the needle that indicates the water pressure moves upward, not just quiet down.

Moving the needle indicates the flow of water into the storage area of ​​your water. If the needle does not move, at least you know how to keep flowing water fishing.

Have a technician mainstay

Make sure you know the mainstay technicians who know how to renovate the house and fix all of the damage in your home. The technician should not stay away from your home. So, ask your neighbors, whom they usually technicians rely on and can always be called in an emergency.

Nothing wrong also have several technicians, such as those typically used by your family. Learn also how much it costs to be incurred to pay for their services.