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The Effect of Location When Building Your Log Home

Planning on building a log home? Regardless of whether it’s for your full time residence or for your seasonal cottage, the location of your log home will make a difference in its construction. Consider the following.


Mountainous environments offer gorgeous views and total privacy, but they also come with some challenges. It can be tough to build upon aggressive slopes for foundations, so it’s important that you and your contractor from Cedar Homes are both on board of any possible issues prior to the project starting.

Window placement is also important if you’re hoping to optimize passive solar gain. Windows facing the south will give more light and warmth compared to those facing the north.

You should also consider capturing the amazing views of mountains when deciding where to place your windows. Roof slope is also an essential component of constructing a custom log home on a mountain side. Think about snow fall and make sure that the slope and materials used for the roof are sufficient.


The lake is the ideal location for a custom log cabin. You should pay close attention to the number of windows that are used on load bearing walls.

Speak with your engineer to make sure that you will be getting the view you want without having to compromise the structural integrity of your home. Lakeside is appealing to both those who love the outdoors, as well as insects, so make sure to invest in screened porches to help minimize the presence of these critters.


The sun poses one of the most difficult factors when constructing a log home in a desert climate. UV rays cause color damage and extreme, quick drying. It is helpful if your contractor takes part in pre-construction log drying to help eliminate any settling and movement that might occur with green logs.

South-side windows, longer roof overhangs, and good stain products can assist in combating damage from powerful UV rays. Covered porches can also create some shade to protect against harmful rays.

Of course, wood species is an important component to consider, no matter what climate you’re building in. In every case, Western Red Cedar makes an excellent choice. No matter where you plan on building your log home, doing some research on wood type is one of the most important considerations to make. Be sure to speak with your log home contractor in regards to wood type for your log home.