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The cost to be prepared after buying the House

Who is not happy when you buy a house, or you managed to have a house that you desire from the first. If you had to hire or have to sleep in a parent’s house, now you have imagined what it was like to be lying in a private house that has an interior to your liking.

However, before you occupy the house of choice, it would not hurt you to spend more money you have to buy a house, because the cost you have to spend not just the cost for a physical home, but there are other costs you need to prepare.

There are several examples of costs that you must meet, among others:

Maintenance cost

Are you tired of taking care of the house because it’s tired to work all day? Especially if the distance between the office and home quite far, so that energy will be consumed for travel. Therefore, you need a maintenance fee to pay for the services of a household assistant. Even if you choose to clean your own house, you still have to set up funds to pay for environmental services and security.

Transportation costs

If the distance home and office far enough, you must prepare a fee for the purchase of fuel, transportation, parking. If the cost of carrying a private car is so great, you might consider public transport or other public transportation that has more affordable costs than a private car.

Purchase of furniture

One of the less good side when having a minimalist house whose design is tailored to the design owned by the developer is you can not use the furniture you get from the family. Usually, the furniture of the family has a large size, other than that the form of furniture does not match the interior of the house.

Interior designer

When placing a new house, surely you need this service to organize your home. so, the new house will be beautiful and in accordance with the theme on the stretcher. Because, sometimes we as a layman just enter-enter the goods without looking fitting or not the goods with the design that is at home.

The cost of a handyman

If you want to change the room or you want to add a roof that is in the area behind the house, surely you can not do it yourself is not it? You definitely need a handyman to run it. Calculate the cost of the artisan and the duration of the process.