Tree Pruning Professional

Take Care of Your Property by Hiring a Tree Pruning Professional

­­­How can you tell if you need a tree pruning or tree removal service? What about if you have a tree that has grown so dense that the light barely comes through the branches, or damaged or diseased limbs that are beginning to fall all over your property? You might need to hire a professional arborist if your tree’s growth has begun to infringe upon your neighbor’s property, or if it has just become too tall, grown into an ugly shape, or is slowly learning towards the nearby power lines. Any tree that needs to be removed should be cleared by qualified professionals. If your property is plagued by a dead or dying tree and all that is left behind is a stump, these professionals will also take on the necessary task of stump grinding. This is something that you definitely don’t want to take on yourself, as it involves heavy equipment that could cause injury without proper safety precautions. Even if your tree just needs a proper fertilizing, all of these concerns can be solved quickly, safely and correctly by working with a professional tree pruning company.

While it might be possible to trim very small trees with the help of a do-it-yourself tree owner guide (and by using the trusty internet for information!), you should always check with your city’s forestry department first to make sure that you are allowed to do so. But if you have any work to do that would involve climbing a tree, it’s probably best left to leave it to the professional arborists. They can do the work safely and won’t make mistakes that will affect the tree for years to come, which can happen all too easily with inexperienced home-owners. Too many accidents can come from fallen tree limbs, not having the right tools or safety equipment and improper education.

Professional arborists know that having the right equipment kept in immaculate condition is essential to performing any pruning work. Their tools must be soaked in a 1:9 bleach solution after use to prevent the spreading of disease. Even if you happened to buy or rent the right tools (which is a significant expense in itself), you may find pruning a large tree to be daunting. You will need a chainsaw for limbs larger than ten centimeters, which are best left to the professionals, especially if you have to climb a tree with one.

A beautiful tree is a gift from nature. The stately spruce in winter that catches the eye with its majesty adds value to your property in a very real way, much as a sick or ugly tree will detract from it. Having a diseased tree on property is thus an aesthetic and financial liability. A sick tree is also a threat to the other trees in the neighbourhood. If you’re in the Edmonton, Alberta area and are looking for professional tree removal services, contact a reputable organization in your area. The company Chipps Tree Care is a certified arborist organization and specializes in tree pruning through all seasons. Properly maintained trees are much less likely to catch and spread diseases. Smart homeowners keep your property safe and hire professionals to take care of the trees in their area. You can too.