Create a minimalist dining table in a cramped room

Despite having a small-sized house that does not mean you have to reduce the important areas in the house. Say it like dining area. With the function as a gathering place for family dining and eating together, the dining table can be regarded as mandatory set of furniture in the house.

However, how to bring the dinner table if the rest area you have just in the hallway or corner of the room? It turned out that the selection of furniture that is thin and pliable, you can still have a comfortable dining area and stylish.

Comfortable in the corner of the room

Around the corner of the room is often unnoticed. Rather than simply left blank or filled lamp stand, maximize function as a dining area. Because of their limited size, then create a dining area still seems simple but neat.

You can combine two wooden folding chairs and a round table legs slim. In addition to saving the cost, you are also more efficient use of space, right ?!

Breakfast on the Balcony

Area balcony or terrace house can also be transformed into a private dining area. Condition, balcony railings must be equipped walls high enough. Thus your privacy and family when eating a meal so not disturbed.

Make a balcony into a comfortable open space by providing layers of vinyl carpet on the floor. In the meantime, you can make the dining room is brighter at night by adding lights dangling decorations.

Combine with relaxing area

You also can combine to make the dining room at the same time gathering area while reading a book. Bring the feel of a casual dining table by selecting a chair relaxing and comfortable place to linger.

Ensure sufficient lighting even in daylight by putting set this table near the window.

Thin Folding Furniture

To house the extra minimalist in terms of building area, folding furniture is a must-have furnishings mainstay. So save space, you may be forced to make the dining table ‘impromptu’ in the hallway of the house.

To outsmart, prepare a portable table that can be folded into the wall when not in use. Prepare two to three folding chairs that can be arranged when the meal arrives.

Remodel Your Kitchen

A custom kitchen can be a dream come true! Do you have an old dull one that needs brightening? Are your cabinets in drastic shape and need to be replaced by elegant and serviceable cabinetry? Do you have an ancient kitchen that needs to be made modern and much more workable? Do you want to go back in time and have a vintage kitchen?

All of those scenarios and more can be brought to life by a professional design service that specializes in a large variety of projects for new and older homes including renovations, remodels, room additions, and more.

Where to spend and where to save is another tough decision. Experienced kitchen designers can lead you in the right direction with many suggestions and samples that can stay within your budget. There is such a wide range of products, materials, styles, finishes, colors, patterns, flexibility, and prices to choose from that your wishes can be granted. Visit the company’s showroom to see a multitude of selections in complete room vignettes and in Project Photo Books.

The team of experts can be an invaluable resource and work closely with you to put it all together and arrange for the successful completion of what you have in mind. They will be guided by your concepts, expectations, desires, requirements, goals, and budget. There will be a visit to your kitchen, complete measurements taken, and a project programming survey filled out at length covering all aspects. Using this information, sketches of options will be created and shown to you on hand-drafted and/or computer-aided drawings. Those highly-detailed plans are followed up by a firm price proposal and a specific plan for the project and presented for your approval.

You are welcome to consult with brooksBerry and Associates for advice and for their eye-opening suggestions and examples. Their award-winning design services are at the top of the kitchen design industry. When you commission a project with such professionals, you can be sure that your result will be the best luxury kitchen of your dreams that you can imagine.

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are very important for your kitchen. You can store everything in the closet and then make the kitchen look neat. When you are looking at some stores you will find various types of cabinets for your kitchen. Some people feel confused to choose the best cabinets for their kitchen. They do not know which is good for their kitchen.

Before you buy kitchen cabinets for your kitchen, it is important for you to check out of the room in the kitchen. You do not need to buy kitchen cabinets are larger or smaller than the kitchen space that you have. You have to look at the function of the cabinet. You will be able to choose the one that you need when you always consider a few things before you choose the best.

Kitchen Cabinets With Good Materials

There are several materials used for kitchen cabinets. You can choose the one that you like. For you who like something strong and durable, you better choose kitchen cabinets aluminum. There are several cabinets are made of aluminum which is good.

Some people want to buy aluminum cabinets, stainless steel cabinets and a few other ingredients to their wardrobes. You better consider the price too. It is better for you to buy kitchen cabinets that fit your budget.

You can get a cheaper closet when you buy via online. There are several online stores that offer a lower price for the closet but you do not have to worry with the quality if you are careful when buying. When you purchase via online, you need to make sure that the online store is a store that is reliable and provide a guarantee.

Your Minimalist Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Very common that some people consider their kitchen is one of the best parts of their homes. Most people use their kitchen as a place not only for cooking but also as a place to serve food and to keep some of the ingredients. On the other hand, some people want to compile a kitchen with a beautiful dining room. Obviously, like any other part of the house, the kitchen is also in need of renovation. Such action is needed to improve the value and quality of the kitchen. Here is your Minimalist Kitchen Remodeling Tips.

design renovation kitchen

Remodeling your old kitchen to improve the value and quality requires a plan. The plan should cover the entire kitchen remodeling project. We advise you to make more than one plan because in fact you should need some alternative plans. Your kitchen remodeling plan should involve modifications walls, adding furniture, setting and changing colors.

Let us discuss them one by one. Modification of the wall must be planned in this project because the wall has an important value for your kitchen. Modifying the wall can be done to renew the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Painting walls with a new color will refresh the kitchen. In addition, modify the wall with wallpaper and wall accessories can be a good option for you to test. Adding some new furniture to replace the old is also recommended. It will beautify the look of the kitchen. Changing the color and arrangement in the kitchen will make a successful renovation. Thus, you will not get bored with your kitchen.

Renovation kitchen requires no small cost. However, you can cut costs by setting your budget before you do the renovations. When arranging your budget, you should consider some important things. First, you must consider what type of remodeling you want, whether it’s a total makeover or partial modification. Makeover higher total costs than partial modification. Second, you should consider the materials for the renovation. There are a variety of materials for kitchen furniture, accessories, and decorations. To cut costs, you can choose durable material but affordable. Third, you should consider kitchen remodeling software. Using software to remodel your kitchen will cut the amount of expenses that you spend on contractors. This is a great opportunity.

Small Kitchen Changes That Drastically Increase Employee Safety

Staying safe in a kitchen is very important for employees, as they are surrounded by dozens of hazards every single day. They could slip and fall, develop back problems due to the concrete floors, accidentally cut themselves, burn themselves, and much more. Minor changes in everyday supplies can drastically reduce the risk of injury, time off, and workers compensation.

Box Cutters with Blade Guards

Box cutters are found in virtually every kitchen, as it is necessary to use a box cutter to open cases of commercial food. The standard box cutter, usually a blade in a simple steel casing, offers absolutely no safety guards. Box cutters with guards in place to protect the human hand from the blade are becoming increasingly common; and many employers now require them.

Nonslip Shoe Covers

While most restaurants require no slip shoes in the kitchen, not all non slip shoes are created equal. The employee may not realize the gradual reduction in slip resistance as the shoes wear out over time. Offering slip resistant shoe covers that are readily available will reduce the risk of slips and falls on wet or greasy floors.

Nonslip Supportive Floor Mats

Employees commonly swear by high quality floor mats. Nonslip supportive commercial kitchen mats provide a surface that is easy to gain traction on, while also providing support for the feet and back. Hard floors can cause damage to the feet and back over a period of time; so offering floor mats in stations that require long periods of standing still will help to reduce foot and back injuries that are related to the job.

Cutting Gloves and Burn Resistant Gloves

Gloves are incredibly important for sanitation, but that isn’t the only application that they are necessary for. Cutting gloves protect the hands through the strong material that they are made of. It is hard for a blade to make its way through them, preventing the employee from potentially cutting off a finger. Burn resistant gloves are useful during the cooking process, whether it be an oven, stove top, or fryer. Burns can become very serious, especially if grease is involved.

It is amazing how many injuries there are that are easily avoidable. Simple replacements around the kitchen that can be done for under $100 could potentially save the company thousands in injuries and lost labor. Providing employees with a safe work place and peace of mind is valuable for a company.

Add Glamour to Your Kitchen With Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen is a place in your house where you spend maximum amount of time. So, you should take steps to design your kitchen in the best way possible. You can get a sleek and contemporary look by exploring various options of modern kitchen cabinets. It should be noted here that if you are in the market looking forward to modern kitchen cabinets, it actually means that you are looking forward to a sleek, angular, updated look and not one of the more historical cabinet styles.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets(taken from Caesarstone Canada official website)

You should note here that modern kitchen cabinets are mainly characterized by certain features like sleek design, angular shape, simple, less ornamentation, etc. These cabinets may also feature bolder but less traditional colors. Some of the colours include deep reds or fluorescent yellows and greens. Apart from this, of late, modern kitchen cabinets show a reflection of the overall trend toward mid-century modern furniture. Thus, they often feature pieces with bold angles and curves. It should also be noted here that another feature of these kitchen cabinets is the mixing of materials. As we all know traditional kitchen cabinets were often exclusively made from wood. But at present, modern kitchen cabinets may combine various materials like wood, laminate materials, glass and even metal for a more modern and classy feel.

If you want to add a sleek look to your kitchen, then you can go for steel. In the recent times, a large number of people are opting for stainless steel equipments and kitchen appliances. To make this whole thing trendy and completely contemporary, you can try adding steel kitchen cabinets. Stainless steel cabinet doors will add a dash of style to your kitchen. However, it should be noted that the high end look of steel cabinets also come with some advantages and disadvantages. The steel cabinets will be vulnerable to fingerprints and scratches. But again, it has advantages too. The steel made modern kitchen cabinets are beneficial to the environment. You will be able to save trees in this process. Apart from this, the stainless steel cabinets are extremely easy to clean. Also, it should be noted here that it is extremely sanitary which is one of the best reasons why it is used in commercial grade kitchens. It should also be noted that these cabinets are also extremely durable apart from the scratch issue. In case, the solid stainless steel cabinets are out of your price range, then you can choose the MDF cabinets which are layered with steel over top. In any way, stainless steel can come up to be an amazing addition to your modern kitchen.

Modern kitchen can be bright in colour. However, if you are not comfortable with bright coloured kitchen cabinets, then you can opt for a white kitchen. These white cabinets will help reflect the sunshine into your home. Apart from that you can keep them clean to add a fresh feel to your home. You should also note here that the white kitchen cabinets can be easily paired with different types of drawer pulls.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the right type of modern kitchen cabinets and make your kitchen look stylish and trendy!