Tricks for a brighter home without remodeling

Jealous to see the modern houses in Bali or other exotic area that gets a lot of sunlight during the day.

The house is bright not only convenient, but also makes the room inside was moist. Actually make homes sunlight is not difficult. No need of renovation, only small changes you make.

Change paint into matte

Do not select the glossy wall paint. These paints usually reflect light causing glare and the room gets hot. Wall becomes uncomfortable viewing. Choose matte paint or matte wall that reflects light becomes softer.

Clean windows

It could be the cause of the lack of sunlight coming into your home is the window that you never clean.

The crust and stains on the windows will block the light so it does not fully illuminate the rooms of your home. Clean windows let the sunlight every week to more freely enter your home.

Choose a thin curtain

Avoid dark colored curtains like maroon, very dark green, and brown. Choose pastel colors are so young that allow sunlight to ‘sneak’ entry into your home.

Also, choose a curtain that the material is thinner so it does not cause the house to be memorable gloomy and dark.

Prune trees and plants

Even in the most high your page plant shoots only in the form of red is already as high as 1 meter, it could not hurt to cut the plant.

Unwittingly, the cause of the lack of sunlight into the house is you never prune trees that are near a window or terrace of your house.

Add mirrors

Hang a mirror on the wall opposite the window. The mirror will reflect the light and pass it to the other corner.

Needless whole room and then you add a mirror, just hanging in one room you want a lighter.

Select the painting bright

Although your favorite painting is a painting that is a bit gloomy and dark color displays, should avoid displaying this type of painting.

Painting a dark color absorbs sunlight and reduces light reflection around the room. Choose wall hangings more neutral, such as hand painting children’s work usually use bright colors.

Make 4 Preparing to Build Homes

In addition to renting or buying a home, some people prefer to build their own dream home. Armed with a piece of land and home design imagination to be realized, you can save money instead of buying a house by way of installments.

However, due to budget costs are relatively difficult to predict, you must prepare extra amount of money saved. Aside from the cost, there are four other things that need to be considered before starting the construction of a house.


If you build a house, you must be a reliable researcher property. This is because, the best designed home in on exactly what you will be located there. Some people are even willing installments plots several years before it is ready to build housing on it.

It’s important to find the location convenient, both of accessibility and facilities in the vicinity to facilitate the mobility of families.

Besides the proximity of the job site, to find a house near the school reach for baby. Besides shopping such as supermarkets, malls and shop is also an important consideration next.

Hire Experts

It should be recognized that many processes you pass when they wanted to build a house. From finding prospective location information, consult with architects and interior design to realize the desire, in collaboration with builders or contractors who build your house to finish up in cooperation with a notary to take care of tax charges and important documents of your home.

Cooperating with many people, that means you have to spend substantial funds. Therefore, do not be glued to entrust the services that set a high price. You can ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues who previously never built a house or have a trusted relationship.

Noting Detail

Always remember that you are a consumer who uses the services of many experts, to make sure your home is done exactly as you would expect.

Not that you can reject the advice they give, but you still have to put forward the slightest thing you would expect in your home. With so they can find the right middle point between your taste and how it should be.

Residential Design Like You’ll Live Forever

While you can not predict how long it will stay there, but at least the house will be a legacy for your children and grandchildren in the future. Therefore when designing the house itself, select everything that is classic and timeless, so that it can last a long time in a long period of time.

Note also the home health aspects such as ventilation, windows, voids, water and electricity systems, to also practical garden arrangement. With so although later it was forced to sell the house, its value will remain stable.

5 Tricks to get around the room that is too bright

The rooms were always getting sunlight is certainly healthy, because it will kill the bacteria rays scattered in the room and prevent mold. However, the sun even interfere if the intensity is too large.

You are deliberately using large glass windows, but the sunlight into the room turned out to be very blinding-especially if the sun coming into the house is light in the afternoon.

As a result, not only dazzling, conditions inside the house became too warm even stifling. If your room as it was, did the trick to avoid too scorching rays.

1. Install blinds, bamboo blinds may or wood for your windows. When the sun is very hot, you can close the blinds, but sunlight can still enter through gaps in the blinds.

For the record, choose a stylish sunshade, such as wooden blinds are arranged neatly and use bright colors.

2. Paint the walls in a color other than white. Do not color the entire wall with white because it reflects light. Choose different colors for some of the walls, for example on the side wall of the blue color of the sea, on the other hand you use wallpaper.

Do not choose a color that is too dark, like black or very dark purple. Both of these colors absorb heat, so even though in your eyes will feel cooler, but this color will make the room more stifling.

3. Add the vines on the outside wall of the room was right. Vines will coat the walls so as to prevent the sunlight hits your room directly. Check the condition of the plants every two weeks to prevent root damage the walls of your home.

4. During the day do not turn on the air conditioning, but turn on the fan. AC exposed to heat will make the compressor work harder so that the AC electricity to be extravagant and not durable. Open a window slightly and then turn on the fan to remove heat from the room.

5. Choose only one glass window shades were open. It facilitates the sunlight shining on your room, while the other windows you can cover with a thin curtain.

If the light in the house is too dazzling, your eyes will get tired and you’ll be hard to concentrate.

Your Minimalist Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Very common that some people consider their kitchen is one of the best parts of their homes. Most people use their kitchen as a place not only for cooking but also as a place to serve food and to keep some of the ingredients. On the other hand, some people want to compile a kitchen with a beautiful dining room. Obviously, like any other part of the house, the kitchen is also in need of renovation. Such action is needed to improve the value and quality of the kitchen. Here is your Minimalist Kitchen Remodeling Tips.

design renovation kitchen

Remodeling your old kitchen to improve the value and quality requires a plan. The plan should cover the entire kitchen remodeling project. We advise you to make more than one plan because in fact you should need some alternative plans. Your kitchen remodeling plan should involve modifications walls, adding furniture, setting and changing colors.

Let us discuss them one by one. Modification of the wall must be planned in this project because the wall has an important value for your kitchen. Modifying the wall can be done to renew the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Painting walls with a new color will refresh the kitchen. In addition, modify the wall with wallpaper and wall accessories can be a good option for you to test. Adding some new furniture to replace the old is also recommended. It will beautify the look of the kitchen. Changing the color and arrangement in the kitchen will make a successful renovation. Thus, you will not get bored with your kitchen.

Renovation kitchen requires no small cost. However, you can cut costs by setting your budget before you do the renovations. When arranging your budget, you should consider some important things. First, you must consider what type of remodeling you want, whether it’s a total makeover or partial modification. Makeover higher total costs than partial modification. Second, you should consider the materials for the renovation. There are a variety of materials for kitchen furniture, accessories, and decorations. To cut costs, you can choose durable material but affordable. Third, you should consider kitchen remodeling software. Using software to remodel your kitchen will cut the amount of expenses that you spend on contractors. This is a great opportunity.

How to Get Rid of 30 Inches of Snow

Snow is something that we all have to deal with from time to time, and when it gets really bad, it can be really difficult to try and get it to go away. Say, for instance, that you get several feet of snow at a time. How are you supposed to take care of that? Is there a way for you to get rid of it in a way that is safe and that you’re going to be able to deal with without a lot of hassle or time on your part?

Unfortunately, all of the snow removal methods out there do take some time. You can, obviously, go and shovel the snow yourself. If you’re lucky, you have some sort of vehicle with a plow available that will make it a little easier to move that much snow at a time. A tractor can also do a lot of the hard work for you, which will make it that much easier for you to be able to get the snow out of the way and go on with your life.

Another method that some people use involves using ice melter. Ice melter can be made out of any number of things, and can be used in order to ensure that you’re going to be able to get rid of the chunks that can sometimes happen when there’s a lot of snow. We know that ice becomes the majority of the issue when you’re trying to fight off the large piles of snow that can happen around your home, so if we deal with the ice as quickly as we can, it can make getting rid of the snow a lot easier for us in the long run.

Ash is something else that you can work with in order to get the desired results. Many people don’t realize how much ash and sand can actually help to melt the snow that is outside. By laying some ash down before it snows, or after it has completed, you’re going to be a lot more likely to be able to get rid of the snow. It’ll be softer and much easier for you to move around, which means that it can help you to feel a lot better when it comes time to get rid of all of the snow that seems to be in your way after a huge snowstorm.

Do you need help getting some of your snow out of the way? Do you need to be able to figure out exactly how you can take care of things? Calling in Boulder snow removal can also help you out, especially if you’ve been in a spot where you aren’t exactly able to take care of things on your own. Are you looking to get help for snow removal, give them a call or contact them via email and they will work out a time that is going to work for you.

Design Cool Kids Bedroom

For those of you who have a seven year old child, the child is certainly no desire to start having their own bedroom. Being a bit difficult when you have a house with a size that is not too airy. Because a child’s desire of having a spacious bedroom and can be used as room to play anyway. If you have a minimalist home of the child’s room will be minimal anyway. Not a problem when you want to meet the wishes of your child like that.

To make a child’s bedroom minimalist design with a cheerful, there are some things that must be considered as below

Selection Child Room Interior

If your child would like to have a spacious bedroom, the interior must be in the bedroom must be considered. Enough bed with a single right size for your child. then learn tables and chairs and a wardrobe with a small size only.

No need to add another interior for your child’s room. so that when your child is playing not feel cold while sitting on the floor it is necessary to add a rug with a picture of your child’s cartoon idol. Some interior is an interior that is enough to put in a bedroom.

Color Design Kids Rooms

Associated with cheerfulness child in the room minimalist house this one will be on the wall. Choose wall color matches the color of your child’s favorite. it is to make your child comfortable in the room itself well for learn, play, and rest. For boys of green or blue color is a good choice. Whereas for girls it is pink or orange is a good choice in the bedroom minimalist design.

In addition, it should be noted also you should be able to arrange the game in the child’s bedroom you well. As far as possible you also do not need to buy a new toy if the bedroom is not possible to add one more item. Note also the freedom of movement of your child while in the bedroom is roomy enough or not. Because for a minimalist home, especially the bedroom design becomes quite complicated but fun to create a design.