Tiny Home Improvement Tips To Look More Size

So far, many people assume that the tiny house is identical to house cramped and uncomfortable. Though small playhouse and actually does not necessarily mean cramped because you can work around this to make it look more spacious. The more the lack of land in urban areas has made the price of residential houses in urban areas is quite expensive. Finally, many people are only able to buy a small-sized house. In addition, the houses are built in residential areas usually have small size.


The playhouse is made to deal with limited land. As a result, you may feel that your house is narrow and the space provided in the home very limited. It may be difficult for you to choose and put the furniture or furniture. This may make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. When you feel this way, then you need to renovate a small house so your home more comfortable. With a few tips and the right strategy, the problem in a small house can be solved easily.

Some of these tips you can apply for the room in your home look more spacious. As a result, the atmosphere in the house becomes more spacious and comfortable.

Created roof Higher

If the room in your home are limited in extent, you can make higher roof to give the impression of a more spacious room. There is sufficient space above will reduce the impression of a narrow or crowded so you feel comfortable even though spacious room in your home is not so widespread.

Reducing Barriers

For a small house, the use of insulation that too much should be avoided. The bulkhead between the room makes the house feel cramped. Therefore, when making a small home renovation, you can reduce the use of insulation. For example, you can remove the divider between the kitchen with a dining area. The absence of this bulkhead will certainly make the kitchen and dining room feel more spacious.

Multiply Light

Has a bright room into one easy way to keep the room in the house look more spacious. So, make sure that the entire room in your home to get enough light. Keep the sun can get into the room in the house.

Using Bright Colors

House paint colors, curtains, or furniture should use bright colors. The white color of the walls can be the right choice for narrow room. If you want to use the wallpaper to the wall, then you should choose wallpaper with a small motif.

Large window

If a small window in your home, while doing your small home renovation can replace the windows in the house with large windows to the front of the house. In this way, you can see a large area outdoors as street or park. In addition, large windows also allow more light into the house so the room becomes brighter.

Tips on Choosing the Right Fence Houses

The new fence has many benefits for you and your home course. In addition to updating the appearance of the house, can be as security and add value to your property.

There are many different types of fencing, including PVC, chain link fence, wood, Cedar, Aluminum, Vinyl, iron, steel beams barrier fences, and many more. The first step is to determine the type of fencing you need, then the style and design you want. Consider what you want to fence, good for privacy, security or visual appearance alone. Large wooden fence can enhance scenery around the house and make the house can be seen by pedestrians, while privacy fence (height) is suitable for the backyard of your home interior can not be seen from outside. Chain link fence is the most economical and cheap but not so interesting terrlihat. To choose a security fence made of steel or iron.

Material is an important factor to consider because of any design or type of fence is different in material from each other. If you want a maintenance free, choose vinyl. For privacy fence the best materials that can be used is cedar.

Also Cedar fence has a beautiful look and feel that will enhance your sights. Iron and steel fence is the best for your home security. But you have to be extra careful and make sure you get the best materials so that the steel or iron does not rust. With a fence of iron or steel, your house possessed a formidable wall but for the treatment of rust seems like you have to provide extra budget.

Do Procrastination to Improve Home

You can postpone checking the condition of the house for several reasons, ranging from feeling not need it, while there is no charge, until just lazy. Avoid the process of checking the condition of the house or not repair minor damage can make you lose a lot of money.

The first thing you should pay attention on a regular basis is the roof. If the roof or roof tiles show signs of damage, immediately make repairs. Heavy rain, storms, and high winds are not the only cause damage to the roof. Wild animals such as cats or rats can make your roof is damaged.

Leakage is one of the common problems encountered homeowners in Indonesia. Find the cause as early as possible. Homeowners could potentially spend millions, tens of millions of rupiah when the entire roof collapsed due to a leak that left too long.

Furthermore, do not underestimate the problems in the foundation of the house. Hairline cracks were visible, widening gap between the house and the foundation is a sign of damage to the house foundation. The floors were “drowned” in the ground floor also need to be aware of.

You also need to pay attention to the existing cracks in windows and doors. Usually, this kind of cracking can also occur due to problems in the foundation. Avoid building a pool or pools around the foundation. Damage caused by exposure to water can aggravate the concrete wall.

Do not also forget termites. Small animals can be very dangerous for your home. Moreover, not all property insurance claim for the damage termites receive.

Waterways, good clean water and sewer, also deserves your attention. Damage and leaks are allowed to drag not only annoying, but potentially cause mold.

In conclusion, the better you spend a little money to repair minor damage in the home, rather than waiting until severely damaged. Not only the loss of money, your family members can suffer greater losses, for example, illness or injury.

Benefits of Tea Powder For House Cleaning

Bag or tea powder, it turns out not only provide good benefits for the health of those who diligently consume body. Tea powder long been known to be a supplement commonly used household cleaners. As reported Boldsky pages, the following five benefits that are owned by the powder or tea bag.

Removing Stains Toilet

A used tea bag can be used to clean the stain attached to the toilet.

Caring and Cleaning Carpet

Tea powder can be used to clean the carpet, by sprinkling on the surface. After settling approximately 15 minutes, the carpet will certainly smelling fresh.

Maintaining Color Wood Floor

To maintain the color of the wood flooring, black tea powder is the most appropriate choice.

Polishing Furniture

Water steeping tea, it can also be used for polishing furniture.

Cleaning the Mirror

To make the window and the mirror looks more clear, rub half a tea bag still wet on the surface of the mirror.

Modern Wooden House Model And Exotic

In antiquity, in general, houses are built only by using a wooden base. But with concomitant developments in the field of building construction and the limited raw materials taken from nature, the use of concrete has become the primary choice. Currently only some people who still choose to set up a wooden house. Wooden house model chosen especially for those that want to occupancy impressive classical and exotic and friendly to the environment.

Model Modern Wooden House Nuance

In Indonesia alone when they hear the word “wood house” the imagination that comes to mind is a wooden house with a traditional design. For example, the original Javanese Joglo house or houses on stilts typical Malay commonly found in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Yet for his own wooden house can be built with a variety of designs in accordance with the wishes of the owner of the house. There are many options for the design of wooden houses, such as modern wooden house which has an exotic impression.

Wooden house can also be built using contemporary design or minimalist design which is currently the trend. Design contemporary or minimalist wooden house, wooden house will still have an exotic appearance gets a modern twist. However, make sure first that the wood used has a high quality, so that the wooden house is sturdy and long lasting. As a decoration, can also be added concrete and natural stone elements on the wooden house. In this way also, residential wooden house can be a unique and if the house is sold will have a high value.

Models Wooden House and Leisure interior

Wooden houses also have the convenience of such homes are built using concrete. The division of each room and its layout arrangement was not much different. In the model of a wooden house, you can adopt a simple contemporary design, adding a little ornament and use a bold motifs.

The layout in each room feels more open with the restriction that barely felt. Although the use of materials of wood, the interior of this house models can also use colors that vary according to the wishes and do not have to follow the basic color of the wood. By applying bright colors for the living room, can cause the room memorable relief.

Furthermore, for the selection of furniture or furniture either in the family room, room and kitchen furniture should choose simple and multi-function so as to provide flexibility for family members in the activity in the house. Take advantage of every corner of the house with efficiently. For example, you can add storage shelves on the wall to put a collection of books and other objects.

Arrangement of light in the interior of the house will also support the model of a wooden house. Window with a medium-size, can be placed in any room for sunlight to enter with sufficient intensity. Meanwhile, as the lighting at night, in addition to using the main light taste. You can add some light to highlight small, to add to the impression of elegance and exotic wooden house more pronounced.

Rules In Apartment Rental Unit

Aside from being a place to stay, another goal is people buying apartments, for rent or as an investment. Because in general, an apartment located in the city center, so that each apartment dwellers easier in daily activities. Therefore, the location of the apartment is the most important thing to note.

rent apartment

It has become a common thing if the owner rents out his apartment units to others, and generally although not a rental apartment is allowed. Due to the rules of living in a tight apartment, then rent an apartment unit to the other party is not “loose” when compared with the usual rent houses in general.

The rules of the lease between the owner with a third party (lessee) is made to protect not only for the benefit of the owner of the apartment, but also for the interests of the owners of the other apartments. Because as you well know, lived in the apartment are using a public or shared facilities (parts, objects, and land together) owned by each owner of apartment units in proportion.

Rules that are made in the process of renting an apartment unit is as a preventative measure against any problems that might arise in the future. Therefore, most of the managers of the apartments will also incorporate or organize this lease clause in a home Rules & Regulations household apartment, or house rule.

In order to minimize the problems that will arise in the future, through the legal team, in general Apartment Management Agency has prepared a draft lease agreement of the apartment units. The goal? Back again to protect the interests of unit owners and the owners of other apartments.

Similarly, an example of House Rule as a rule in the lease unit.

  • If the owner rents out his apartment unit, it is considered that the owner has submitted his rights to use parts, objects, and land along to tenants, and owners no longer have the right to use parts, objects, and the land together, except with the consent and invitation of tenants with comply with the applicable discipline.
  • Before the unit apartments for rent, the owner must fill out a form in advance which contains rights and obligations are transferred to the lessee.
  • Each apartment unit lease agreement must be reported to the Agency business apartments. (some have to be charged an administrative fee)
  • Agency business apartments will prepare a standard form lease contract for owners who want to rent apartment units, so that the interests protected apartment manager.
  • Apartment manager will not be responsible if in the future there is a problem between the owners of apartment units with tenants in connection with the lease is done.
  • Owners of apartments can use the services of the Agency business marketing apartments for rent apartment units owned.