Make Bathroom Design For More Attractive

Each house has always had some space used as function. One of room that is always present in every home that is the bathroom. Yes, this room is a mandatory space used for bathing or waste water and so on. Because of these functions, the bathroom obtaining made to get an impression of a clean and fresh.

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In order can desired impression is certainly the bathroom should be designed in such a way that looks and displays all desired by the people. For those of you who may be one of the people who are looking for inspiration to create a bathroom design that looks fresh and attractive, there are some tips that may guide so that you can make your bathroom look attractive

Choosing Color and Type Ceramic Compatible

One of the tips is of course the selection of colors and types of tiles you use for the base and walls of the bathroom design tone. Where for ceramic color should you choose are the colors that look refreshing and made us feel comfortable, which is a bright color such as warn green, light green, light blue, beige.

With bright color will make the bathroom look more attractive. Meanwhile in terms of texture and you can choose the type of ceramic tiles with patterned texture prominent or uneven. That is because the textured ceramics will reduce the slipperiness of your bathroom floor.

Adorn Bathroom

Then you can create a bathroom design that is aesthetically appealing to decorate and decorate your bathroom with ornaments such as plants, special stickers for bathroom or even you can use natural stone to decorate your bathroom in order to look attractive look.

Giving ventilation and Transparent Roof, as well as the size of the Ideal Bathroom
To make it look cool, tone can make ventilation air and give little illumination effect especially during the daytime, you can install or make a transparent roof. In addition to the ideal size of the bathroom is 3 x 3 meters, where the spacious bathroom we will make our bathrooms more and make more interesting to use.

5 Types of Dangerous Bacteria in Bathroom

Have a clean bathroom is a comfort for us as homeowners. The bathrooms were dirty not only makes us uncomfortable, but also will lead to breeding of bacteria and viruses in our bathrooms. For it is very important for us to keep the bathroom to keep it clean and comfortable. However there are still many people who do not know any bacteria that exist in the bathroom.

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And with that we know some types of bacteria we can take precautions so that our bodies safe from bacteria and viruses in the bathroom. What are bacteria found in the bathroom? Here’s a more detailed review below about 5 Harmful Bacteria In Bathroom

1. Gastrointestinal viruses

This is the virus that causes us pain stomach. Viruses that one may develop in the toilets were dirty and the virus can enter the body when we forget to wash your hands after using the toilet.

2. Enteric pathogens

Enteric pathogens is the name of the bacteria spread through food. The bacteria can cause diarrhea in a sustainable manner if we are infected by the bacteria. These bacteria have many types include Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli and Campylobacter. The bacteria can spread when we touch objects in the bathroom and then forget to wash your hands.

3. Staphylococcus aerus

Aerus Staphylococcus bacteria that infect the skin and also your breathing. These bacteria can also be contracted when you are in the bathroom and not washing hands.

4. Dermatophitic fungi

Dermatophitic fungi are fungi that attack bacteria your skin. Usually people will be infected with this bacterium when not using the footwear at the time in the bathroom. Transmission of these bacteria directly and impacts of transmission of the fungus on the feet or cause foot odor.

5. Mushrooms and Moss

Bacteria, fungi and algae is not foreign to you. These bacteria are often we see in the shower due to the temperature of the bathroom were always damp can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Similarly, some 5 Harmful Bacteria In Bathroom who need to watch. Remember, keep cleaning the bathroom is very important. Remember to always wash your hands when you are doing activities wherever and whenever.

7 Ways to Enjoy and Benefit Bath

Ritual bathing is sometimes just be a formality for some people. But actually very beneficial for cleanliness bath, relaxation and health. Loss if the bathing ritual missed. Many ways to make a ritual bath can be more fun and make the body become relaxed. Here are some ways to enjoy a bath in order to get more benefits.

  1. Use makers exhausted body becomes relaxed. Set the water temperature becomes fit to your body.
  2. Provide several different types of soap, can be a different scent or sensation, eg mild soap feed that sensation so that the body is very fresh, so that every day the soap you use is different with different sensation and flavor so it is not boring.
  3. Use shower water that can emit in different directions in order to help the blood circulation so that the body becomes more fit and feels like the massage heads.
  4. Use puff soap in order to produce more liquid soap foam puff a lot and also is useful so that the body becomes more clear.
  5. Using the bathtub, if you want to get pleasure when bathing, use a bathtub is very important, there are many different kinds of bathtub you can choose for your bathroom, such as Freestanding Bathtubs are perfect for the shower or for your steam sauna. Moreover, if you use the tub, pour a few drops of essential oils / aromatherapy will make the body become relaxed. To create a calm and relaxed mood after a tiring day of work, consider options such as chamomile or lavender oil. Make sure the used oil does not make you allergic.
  6. Close your eyes when the water from the shower hit your body, because there was a study conducted by researchers from the Franklin Institute reveals block or combining one or more senses in the body, for example a shower with your eyes closed can improve memory or memory and mental fitness.
  7. Use your shower time with things that make you more relaxed, such as reading while soaking in the bathtub.

Bathing Safely

Tubs and showers can be difficult to get in and out of if you have a disability or any kind of health condition that limits your maneuverability. In that case one of the best things you can do for yourself is to get a step tub of some variety.

Now a standard tub should be fine if you have arthritis or something similar, but a walk in tub will make entrance and exit easier, and that alone that makes getting a premium walk-in shower installation a good decision to make.

Another reason to get one is the other things that come along with them, namely, seats and handrails and textured pads. Seats are simply easier to use for those seniors who have arthritis or are afraid they might slip and fall. Seats and textured pads are there to create an easier atmosphere in which to clean themselves, without the thought of slipping and falling.

Handrails are even more important, especially if the shower you own now has a glass door. Those doors are not meant to be used to hold a person’s weight. The handrails in walk in showers are. If safety is a concern you have, handrails, seats, and other anti-slip accessories are what you want in your home.

Juggle Being Simple Bathroom Luxury Bathroom

Has a simple bathroom is not a big problem. The bathroom is one of the important parts in the house besides the bedroom and family room. However it has a simple bathroom is not a sin. We can do everything they can to fix it.

The bathroom is simple is not synonymous with a cramped bathroom, dirty and dark. Health remains a necessary condition bathrooms. Cleanliness ensure everything is in the bathroom decent and convenient to use. Even if there is a friend who use the bathroom facilities we also feel comfortable we feel.

bathroom design

Health is also a guarantee for our health. If we routinely clean the bathroom, moss and crust will not easily appear. If necessary use a room cleaning fluid which prevents the crust and moss appear forever. So that our health as the wearer is always awake.

Keeping clean bathroom is necessary but makes the bathroom to be comfortable it is also necessary. One way to make us comfortable bathroom is to transform simplicity into luxury. The bathroom is simple ours, can be transformed into a luxury bathroom that is not inferior to the bathroom in the hotel.

The first thing that must be done to change a simple bathroom into a luxurious bathroom is the use of paint on the bathroom wall. Choose paint with bright colors. Bright colors proved to make far-reaching effects if applied in the room. If necessary give a motive or picture that looks more cute and fancy. Do not use dark colors because it will further narrow the space and seem bleak.

If you have excess money bathtup use. But if bathtup too expensive, shower was so. Choose a shower with a funny shape and beautiful that add a luxurious feel to your bathroom. And the last step is simple juggling your bathroom into a luxurious bathroom interior bathroom is set by using the effect of reflection of light shining example of a mirror or reflective ceramic. With the reflection of light that illuminate our simple shower room, bathroom feel more abundant bright light and spacious as the hotel bathroom.