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Spring Cleaning Simplified

Does the thought of spring cleaning leave you feeling frustrated and confused? Many homeowners simply don’t know where to begin with such a big project. Use the following steps to help you get started when it comes to tackling the air, furnishings, and linens.

Clean and Comfortable Air

The approaching heat of summer means the extended use of your air conditioning system. Have your unit checked for any problems, and complete all necessary repairs before the mercury rises. Spring also brings about pollen and other allergens. Keep these out of your home by taking advantage of the allergen and mold removal Bradenton has to offer such as the services provided by Mobile Air. Clean all fans in the house, and don’t forget to hose off window screens.

Upholstery Refresh

Upholstered furniture can become quite dirty from one spring to the next. Remove any cushion coverings and launder them according to the manufacturer’s directions. Spot clean any unsightly stains on the rest of the furniture. Finish by vacuuming the entire surface to remove allergens and dust mites. If your pieces have any strange odors, you can use a fabric refreshing spray or simply carry the item outside on a sunny day to air it out.

Linen Upkeep

There are many forms of linens used throughout your home. Remove window treatments and launder them according to the care instructions. Wash all comforters, bedspreads, and quilts that aren’t laundered weekly with the rest of the bedding. This is also a good time of year to give table cloths, guest towels, and other seldom used fabrics a re-wash so that they are ready when you need them. Don’t forget about any area rugs that might need a deep cleaning as well.

Now that you have finished these simple steps, you can move on to the basics like vacuuming under furniture, washing windows, and doing a thorough dusting. Before you know it you will have a sparkling clean home that is ready for the coming season.