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Some signs that your HVAC system is in trouble

No matter where you live, having a reliable heating and cooling system is crucial to your way of life. Unfortunately, no HVAC system will last forever. You will eventually have to call a company that specializes in heating and cooling Williamsburg VA to have a replacement installed. Here are some signs that will tell you when that time has come.

Your Home Isn’t as Cool or Warm as It Should Be

One of the first signs that you will need a new heating and cooling system is when your home doesn’t heat up or cool off as quickly as it once did. Air conditioners and furnaces obviously do not completely change the temperature in your home immediately once they’re turned on, but you should notice a difference before too long. If you don’t notice much of a change or your home heats up or cools off unevenly, there’s probably a problem with your HVAC system that needs to be addressed.

Your Furnace or Air Conditioner is Over 20 Years Old

As long as your HVAC system receives the proper maintenance, it should last over 20 years. After that, there’s not much of a chance that even the most diligent maintenance will keep your furnace and air conditioner in top condition. It’s quite possible that your HVAC system will keep working well into its second decade, but it’s more likely that you will need to invest in a replacement.

Your Utility Bills are Getting Bigger

An old HVAC system will be far less efficient than a new one, which will lead to larger utility bills. If this is happening to you, you will probably need a new HVAC system.

You Notice Strange Smells or Noises

Finally, you should consider getting a new HVAC system if you notice strange smells or noises coming from your ducts or your main unit. Aside from a barely audible whooshing sound when you turn it on, you shouldn’t hear anything from a healthy furnace or air conditioner, and you certainly shouldn’t smell anything. If you do hear or smell something strange from your HVAC system, it might be time for a new one.