kitchen floor mats

Small Kitchen Changes That Drastically Increase Employee Safety

Staying safe in a kitchen is very important for employees, as they are surrounded by dozens of hazards every single day. They could slip and fall, develop back problems due to the concrete floors, accidentally cut themselves, burn themselves, and much more. Minor changes in everyday supplies can drastically reduce the risk of injury, time off, and workers compensation.

Box Cutters with Blade Guards

Box cutters are found in virtually every kitchen, as it is necessary to use a box cutter to open cases of commercial food. The standard box cutter, usually a blade in a simple steel casing, offers absolutely no safety guards. Box cutters with guards in place to protect the human hand from the blade are becoming increasingly common; and many employers now require them.

Nonslip Shoe Covers

While most restaurants require no slip shoes in the kitchen, not all non slip shoes are created equal. The employee may not realize the gradual reduction in slip resistance as the shoes wear out over time. Offering slip resistant shoe covers that are readily available will reduce the risk of slips and falls on wet or greasy floors.

Nonslip Supportive Floor Mats

Employees commonly swear by high quality floor mats. Nonslip supportive commercial kitchen mats provide a surface that is easy to gain traction on, while also providing support for the feet and back. Hard floors can cause damage to the feet and back over a period of time; so offering floor mats in stations that require long periods of standing still will help to reduce foot and back injuries that are related to the job.

Cutting Gloves and Burn Resistant Gloves

Gloves are incredibly important for sanitation, but that isn’t the only application that they are necessary for. Cutting gloves protect the hands through the strong material that they are made of. It is hard for a blade to make its way through them, preventing the employee from potentially cutting off a finger. Burn resistant gloves are useful during the cooking process, whether it be an oven, stove top, or fryer. Burns can become very serious, especially if grease is involved.

It is amazing how many injuries there are that are easily avoidable. Simple replacements around the kitchen that can be done for under $100 could potentially save the company thousands in injuries and lost labor. Providing employees with a safe work place and peace of mind is valuable for a company.