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Seven Mistakes You May Make Cleaning

For those of you who do not have a household assistant, usually time off at weekends is often used as a schedule to clean the house thoroughly. From sweeping, mopping, scrubbing the bathroom floor, tidying the garden, to clean up the dust on the ceiling.

In short time owned, resulting in a hurry you often while cleaning the house. No wonder that there are many errors that may frequently do. Any examples?

Cleaning the windows during the day

Glass cleaner will dry more quickly if exposed to direct sunlight, causing streaks on the glass window. That is why, the right time to wipe the glass windows in your home is on the afternoon and evening, or when the sky is overcast (temperatures below 70F). To get better results, use a rubber squeegee or glass cleaner that cover more surface area in one pull.

Spraying cleaning fluid into furniture

This method is actually legitimate done, if the furniture in your home is very dirty and dusty and thus require a quick solution. However, this should not be a good thing regular habit, because it can actually accumulate cleaning fluid residue. The correct way, spray the cleaner to a microfiber cloth, then wipe wood furniture and furniture slowly.

Remove stains on the carpet

Currently, soft drinks or coffee spilled onto the carpet, often you immediately scrubbed clean manner. Apparently, this is wrong! Because of the way it can actually damage the fur carpet and even left a stain that is difficult to remove. The right step is take a spoon and then lift the water spills into a dirty glass. Further search duster made from a towel, and put it on the carpet that spilled water stains, press gently to absorb the stain with a cloth optimal. Finally, use special cleaning products and clean the carpet with a cloth gently.

Storing wet toilet brush

Humidity will give birth to bacteria. Therefore, change your habits that always keep the toilet brush in wet conditions. After use, make sure your toilet brush has completely dried before being returned to his place.

Use dirty sponges

Because food debris and bacteria often hide in cracks dishwashing sponge, then rinse with water alone is not enough. Period of time once or twice a week, place a wet sponge in the microwave for two minutes to dry. Never soak the sponge with the rest of the dishwashing detergent that has been used, because the germs will get soaked if it continues to proliferate.

Using glass cleaner to TV and computer screens

Some may think that a glass cleaner can also be used for a TV or computer screen. And this is, is a big mistake! Alcohol and ammonia contained in glass cleaner can actually damage the LCD screen, especially if you have a plasma TV. It would be nice if you only use a soft and damp cloth.

Forgot cleaning vacuum cleaner

A short time can make you forget the hygiene filter in the vacuum cleaner. Instead of seeking to eradicate the dust and dirt in the carpet the house, in fact, a vacuum cleaner are clogged because rarely cleaned instead of spewing dust left over, and make dirty the whole room. For that do care and cleanliness of the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, in order to remain durable and able to work optimally.