safe home for baby

Safe house for Baby Active

Babies who are aged six months usually have started actively moving and crawling exploring the house. When exploring the house that they are also curious about the things around baby, and want to play it or put it in his mouth. Does this happen to you?

Many household items that could pose a danger if the baby is touched without the supervision of parents. So, anything that can cause harm and what you can do in an effort to prevent it? Let’s consider the following tips:

Electric socket

Close the outlet in your home by using a special cover. This special cover sold freely on the market. Make sure you close the hole socket after finished using it.

Water faucet

While being bathed baby usually can not be silent and will reach for objects in the vicinity. Water faucet is quite dangerous if opened by a baby, especially if the faucet is opened drain the hot water and water bills would be swell if they open it outside supervision. We recommend using a water faucet that is rotated so that the baby can not be opened easily.


Avoid using the door with an automatic hinge that keeps the door closed itself because it can make the baby wedged. There is also a good idea if upon leaving the baby in the room, the door propped open or allowed to remain securely closed to prevent the baby wedged against the door.

Power cable

Make sure the electrical wiring in your home has been trimmed using the cable binder and placed in inaccessible places your baby.

Sharp angles Furniture

If you have furniture such as desks or cabinets that have sharp corners and the height can be reached by infants, the angle should be given security as the foam so that they do not get hurt while playing or crashing into the corner.


Six-month-old baby has been able to reach the fence bed. The bed should be elevated fence to prevent the baby from climbing out and falling.

Lightweight furniture

Hide soft furnishings such as plastic chairs to a baby who could not be reached to prevent the furniture pull or hit the furniture.


If your home has stairs, make sure the ladder is equipped with a fence that can not be opened by the baby