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Right Steps Buy Empty Land

Buying lots or vacant land is usually done with the purpose of constructing buildings with different concepts. Designing the construction of buildings from scratch, for some people is considered more satisfactory.

The design of a private home is not only about taste and aesthetics, but also tailored to the needs and everyday activities.

Without a building standing on it, the lot is usually offered at a somewhat sloping price. There are several factors that affect it. For example, road access, environmental conditions, or land history itself.

Noteworthy, do not let the price tag tilted caused by the status of the problematic soil. Therefore, unclear land transactions are particularly vulnerable to cases of ownership disputes.

So how to buy vacant land safely and according to the correct procedure?

Checking the ground conditions

Before buying land, check directly to the location to find out the neighborhood lot. Is there adequate road access? What is the condition of the territorial boundaries of these lots?

Know also the type of soil. Because if you want to live, the type of soil will affect the quality of the water it produces.

Avoid buying land near rivers, factories, high-pressure electrical lines to keep the risk coming in the future.

For investment purposes and the prospect of rising property prices, you also must be keen to see the development of the surrounding environment. Are there complete facilities such as schools, health services, shopping and transportation access nearby?

Knowing the land allotment

Before buying a plot of land, you must know the status of the land and its current designation. For example is there any urban planning plan for the region.

You can check the use of land reflected by the Outbreak (Floor Coefficient of Building) and KDB (Basic Coefficient of Building) at the location through local officials.

There are some people who originally buy land without knowing the land allotment. As a result after purchased just know that the land is a green land that should not be used to build the building.

Knowing the latest projects such as public facilities or infrastructure that will be built by the government around the lot area can also be an added value of your investment.

Know the status of the land

Make sure the land to be purchased is not in the case of a dispute, such as confiscated land or inheritance land that has not been split his property.

Legality of land ownership must be verified by an official certificate listed on behalf of the owner. You can ask local notary’s help to check the legality of the land.

In addition, you also need to check the condition of the land as wide and its location, whether it is in accordance with the letter shown (in this case the certificate).

Perform the procedure correctly

Finally it should be known that in the purchase of land, strong evidence is required in support of the sale and purchase process. The process of buying and selling is not only evidenced through the receipt of regular purchases. You need to make a legal deed or a legal deed of sale and purchase of his position in the eyes of the law.

After purchasing, we recommend you switch ownership on behalf of you directly. Ask the notary’s information as an intermediary for the clarity of procedures for the processing of land ownership letters in the land office.