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Residential Renovation Revisited and After the Flood

Each of you must be familiar with the name of flooding. Yes, floods are natural disasters that can occur in a variety of areas, perhaps even your home and your family have experienced this disaster.

Post-flood struck the house, of course, residents who flooded preoccupied to rebuild homes as usual. Some of the actions that can be performed after a disaster such as cleaning shelter and home environment, and almost always we encounter the following problems.

1. Floor

Some of the most common problem is that the hollow tile (hollow), continuous discharge of water from the grout, and grout were dirty. Although the position is still in place, the tiles are no longer the glue on the runway due to submerged within a specified period. When tapped, the tile will cause a loud voice.

The risk is that the tiles popping up and apart by itself. Before popping occurs, remove and lift the tile, then paste using tile adhesive. Adjust the type of adhesive to dry or wet areas.

The problem that usually arises is out water continuously from the grout. Grout joints between tiles which is indeed a part of the floor of the most vulnerable penetration of water. At the time of the flooding, water can get into the house through all the gaps that exist.

2. Water

Generally, the problems associated with post-flood is water network. The problem that often occurs is because when the water begins to inundate your home, Many damaged property due to flooding. To solve this problem you can drain the remnants of the water in your home, and dry. But if the problem is very complicated you can use the services of impairment recovery of water, if you are in the Aurora area, there is a water damage restoration service in Aurora, CO.

3. Wall

Issues affecting the flood wall is clear, that the walls were dirty, paint peeling, or humid. Handling problems due to flood wall is quite easy because the cause is known. Let the walls were submerged up to dry first. The walls will dry faster when exposed to the sun or wind.

To speed drying, you can use the fan. Once the wall is completely dry out, peel old paint then sandpaper and apply new paint. For the walls in the form of timber and submerged in water, usually after submerged in water, its structure can be damaged and form expands.

This also applies to the door frames and furniture. The solution is to re layering until the timber replacement.

4. Electricity Network

Electricity network is one of the top things you must be aware of when the flood came. When the flood came, panic make sure to disconnect the power supply is still connected. Similarly, when turning on the power supply is disconnected after the floods hit. The first step, disconnect all electrical appliances from the outlet to avoid damage. Of course, also make sure all the fuses and all the electrical switch in the off state.

The next step, clean and dry all the fuses, plugs, switches, light fittings, and all components in it. Then put everything back to its original position.