Protecting Your Yard from the Effects of Drought

If you live in an area that’s frequently affected by drought, you’re probably familiar with the tribulations of maintaining a yard in such conditions. When your current locale is experiencing severe water shortages, watering your grass or garden is the absolute last thing you should be doing. In some cases, using fresh water in such a frivolous manner will earn you hefty fines from the city and/or county. However, living in a drought-prone area doesn’t mean you have to give up on having a nice yard. The following tips will ensure that your yard is able to flourish amidst even the most severe drought conditions.

Recycle Water

Because fresh water is so abundant in the United States, many of us never even consider the possibility of recycling water. However, not all countries have fresh water to spare – and recycling water is the norm, not the exception, in those nations. Even in countries that aren’t experiencing water shortages – like Japan – citizens are encouraged to recycle water. Instead of using fresh water to nourish your lawn or garden, recycled bath, shower or dish water can suit your needs perfectly. Simply collect this water in containers or buckets to ensure that your lawn remains well-fed.

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

If you’re tired of contending with drought conditions, drought-tolerant landscaping is just what the doctor ordered. This entails adorning your yard with artificial grass, decorative pebbles, decomposed granite and a smattering of drought-resistant trees, shrubs and plant life. Drought-tolerant landscaping is highly recommended for people who live in such arid areas as Texas, Arizona and Southern California. SoCal residents on the hunt for top-tier drought-tolerant landscaping needn’t look any further than Western Sand and Gravel. Boasting the Golden State’s finest drought-conscious landscaping services, Western can keep your yard looking its best regardless of how scarce fresh water becomes.

Water Early in the Morning

When you water your lawn during the afternoon or early evening hours, a substantial portion of that water is lost to evaporation. To prevent this, make a point of doing your watering during the early morning hours. Not only will this help conserve water, it will provide your lawn with maximum nourishment.

For people who pride themselves on keeping picturesque yards, drought conditions can be a royal pain. Fortunately, by thinking outside the box and displaying a little ingenuity, you can have the nicest yard on the block no matter how severe a drought becomes.