kokedama plant hunged

Plant Grow Just Hanged

As the world of gardening evolved with the times, various obstacles in gardening can be overcome. Narrow land up complicated equipment, is now no longer an issue. Various tips on gardening at home is also a lot of pop, from the nature of the business to which a mere profane, one of which is a bonsai plant tips in a way that is unusual.

If bonsai are usually grown in small pots, so this time bonsai grown by hanging without assistance pot. Tradition hang bonsai has long been known by the people of Japan with the term Kokedama. Kokedama is a style of bonsai planting using soil that is formed balls, and tied to a rope.

For those of you who love gardening, but land on your home page is limited because other crops have been met, applying Kokedama would be the right choice. Kokedama not hard to make, you just have to provide the sheet moss, bonsai plants, threads, and container.

The first step to make is to take moss Kokedama sufficiently large in accordance with your hands, then dip in the water. Remove your bonsai pot, clean the roots until there is no land attached. Then take a sheet of moss from a container of water, and then attach to the roots bonsai plants. After covering the roots of bonsai, moss tie with string or yarn to solid and does not spill.

After the sheet moss on the roots of bonsai has been solid tied with string or thread, then you do then is to measure the length of thread and hung suitably high as you want. Treat you like a son Kokedama by spraying every heart. To continue to maintain fertility, you need to give a liquid fertilizer to the water to be sprayed on the roots Kokedama. Hang Kokedama and let enjoy its beauty.