Advantages of Owning a Home Interior Minimalist

Minimalist interior is characterized by few and simple furniture. We appreciate the many ways our homes, how we give and decorate the house with carefully chosen decor, reflecting the character of the owner. Although it looks simple, minimalist interior can also be very comfortable. The minimalist design presents a stress-free environment to keep most of the items that are not needed from the view and reduce even relieve all clutter, arrange the furniture and offer a simple aspect, making more spectacular minimalist design and functional. Minimalist interior can improve the overall appearance of your home without wasting so much money and space.

If you are the type of person that minimalist, you can have a quiet room and a well-organized interior minimalist home. You can make things much simpler, if you can decorate the house with a minimalist viewpoint, you will feel much more comfortable and peaceful. Why minimalism has become so successful and so popular? Because it eliminates all the elements / furniture unnecessary.

In order to create a model of minimalist interior design is simple, you can use the technology, you can create high-quality and innovative models on the computer. You can create a beautiful design using basic shapes and combining different colors and textures when drawing, so you can create a design that is neat and clean.

Advantages of Using Home Interior Minimalist

  • More elegant and attractive. Simple and elegant furniture in the room were clean and tidy. Rooms contain only essential furniture.
  • Easy to clean. Because your floors free of clutter, making it easier to clean the dust. You do not have to move so much furniture to clean the room around it.
  • More stress free. Being able to eliminate all the mess that had been faced with a furniture store that is not so used somewhere special. So when you need the furniture back, you can find it easily.

Minimalist interior is great for homes with limited space, where you can take full advantage of all that room, especially designed for functionality and style. You can consult a designer or builder home of the latest design. You can add your own concept, or maybe you can ask for the opinion of the members of the family to add a personal touch. Or you can combine different concepts to see which design minimalist interior that suits you.

Early History And Minimalist House Design Concept

House design with minimalist style has been around a long time, so familiar minimalist style applied to a design house. Approximately in 1920 ago, minimalist design have already begun but not so well known as it is today. It was only in 1990 that brought the simplicity of this concept widely known people and continues to experience rapid development ten years later or in 2000.

simple concept

Many people assume that minimalist home design is a design that will result in the form of a simple house but still have aesthetic value and a larger space and airy. In fact, the true concept of minimalist home design not only that.

One of the main reasons for the emergence of a minimalist home design is as a form of protest against some flow architecture is considered wasteful, in using the materials for buildings that are not friendly to nature. For example, excessive use of wood for building materials or manufacture interior taken from nature, but man can not produce it themselves.

The concept model of minimalist home prefer the function of the use of building materials and accessories to be maximal. This concept is also always avoid the use of ornament or decoration of the house that is considered unnecessary. So the efficiency of the use of materials should be restricted. And this is a challenge for architects in making design or design in new buildings. So now many emerging new ideas raised by the architecture to get a new composition that is capable of adapting to the changing times.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier are two figures who played an important role in the popularization of home design minimalist. They both have managed to give the color and the effect of changes to the simple concept that the main goal of the design minimalist home.

In Indonesia alone, the concept of a minimalist home design is also experiencing a lot of rapid development, especially after the heyday of Mediterranean and classic design style began to decline. However, because our society has not know to the meaning and purpose of this minimalist design concept, then most of them prefer to mimic the minimalist concept applied in Europe and America.

Society does not know if tropical climate in Indonesia is very different from the climate in Western countries. Then the result is often posed is waste, especially in terms of the budget unnecessarily. One example is a lighting system that is built. To get maximum sunlight, minimalist home owners reduce or even eliminate the canopy size that is not used by the European minimalist homes.

Whereas in the Indonesian region that radiates heat of the sun is higher in the appeal of European countries. Then the effect is the existing furniture in the house become easily damaged and the color was quickly faded due to exposure to sunlight. This obviously makes the cost incurred for the treatment to be expensive.

A few early history articles and minimalist design concept from my home, may be useful