Tips on Make a Healthy Home Room

Have a healthy room in the house is the desire of everyone, then by observing the following tips:

* Make veranda sure the room gets airflow and light enough, is to create a space between without a roof in the main building give a transparent roof, so that sunlight can penetrate.

* If your house is too narrow front then you can make the room sound in the back of the house. Healthy room can be combined with rear yard using a wide door.

* If you want to have an open space, make the room with three sides open and given the furniture side open as a partition room with an outdoor courtyard.

* If you have a home that is narrow and does not have a page, it can make the room sound on the roof of the house and can be combined with a roof garden.

Hopefully this simple article can be useful.

Classy Minimalist floor

The floor becomes an important part of building a house. All should be considered in accordance with the concept of the house to be built. Material from the floor must also be considered, select the appropriate motive with decorations and ease of maintenance. There are some differences from the type of flooring, such as tile, wood, ceramic, vinyl and others.

In addition there are also many types of color options to choose from. Sometimes the color of the floor can also mix and match with a creative style that you can try to make a difference and a distinct impression. But the main thing is how the taste and convenience. Usually the color of the floor can balanced with wall decorations.

1. Nature

floor minimalist 1

See chairs made of acrylic that makes a different impression of this space. Floor of the room was very natural look with colors that have different accents.

2. Porcelanico

floor minimalist 2

Porcelanico color on the floor is in accordance with the style in this space. Recommended for you for those who want the ease of maintenance.

3. Patrolman

floor minimalist 3

Wow! See motif on the floor of this room. Highly visible interesting is not it? Coupled with blue seats embellish the design and decoration of this room.

4. Tile

floor minimalist 4

Very interesting shape. Bleak blackish color combined with brown color that makes it look dark and beautiful.

5. Laplatera

floor minimalist 5

See motifs form interconnected and form a big city in this room, it looks beautiful is not it? Gray color very modern impression.

How did your opinion Regarding minimalist floor present today? Is it enough to add to your inspiration? You can use this instead of just for the floor of the house, but also can apply to the office space.

Tips on Home Stay Comfortable In Rainy Season

The rainy season has arrived, every day of rain can be dropped at any time. This condition makes us more alert in demand for housing conditions, due to the heavy rains or the magnitude of the wind. Then how are we to do in order to keep the house comfortable in the rainy season?

Since the beginning of development planning, home design must have reckoned with, both in anticipation of the hot weather or rainy weather. When the summer house must be able to withstand and absorb the heat in order to keep the house comfortable and cool. But when the rainy season like this, the house must be robust to withstand strong winds and rain so that the house does not leak.

Here I will give tips, how to care for the house to be comfortable inhabited when the rainy season arrives. With good home care, of course, will make the selling price of the house high if someday homes for sale. And here are a few tips:

rain house

  1. Check the condition of the roof, it is useful to see if the tiles and the roof needs to obtain repair or not. Check whether the roof of the house there is a crack or a connection between the tile is loose. If there are cracks, you can provide waterproof to cover all existing cracks. If no connection is loose tiles or asbestos, you just rearrange the connection so that rain water can not get in from the sidelines loose connection. We recommend checking roofs done two to three months, in anticipation of rain at any time.
  2. After the roof of the house inspected and get repairs, next is examining the ceiling of the house. If the ceiling of your house made of concrete check whether there is seepage from the roof of the house. Avoid puddles that there is in this no top, so that water can not seeped toward the ceiling. If the ceiling of your house made of plywood or gypsum check if there are visible signs of water marks on the ceiling. Usually ceiling damage seen from the water mark on the ceiling. Immediately repair or replace ceiling of the house if there is damage. Lafon if broken and humid allowed to continue, the consequences will be fatal. Ceiling could collapse and harm family members, if this happens will require extra repairs to cost more.
    Note the angle of the roof to maximize the ability of tile in blocking rainwater. On ceramic tile angle required is about 30 degrees, while the asbestos roof takes around 15 degrees. If the angle of the roof is not considered properly, then the rain that accompanied the wind can go through the tile gap.
  3. Terrace house also need special attention, to protect it from rain. You can add a canopy to the size of one meter or more on the porch. Besides this way can avoid the rain water into the house, it also can also protect the floor porch and paint the walls of the house shield rain and wind.
  4. Check drain water from the roof of the house. Is there trash or dry leaves that clog waterways. If the water drains clogged, it will create a pool of water in this no home that could make the water overflow and leak into the home. Equal to check the roof, this examination should be done two to three months.

That’s tips to keep the house comfortable when the rainy season I can share, maybe you could add. Because in this rainy season as rain and wind the main enemy against our house. Moreover, to the house that is less good care. Hopefully this can help you in getting comfort in the house when the rainy season lasts. Thank you for visiting today, congratulations activity.

Tiny Home Improvement Tips To Look More Size

So far, many people assume that the tiny house is identical to house cramped and uncomfortable. Though small playhouse and actually does not necessarily mean cramped because you can work around this to make it look more spacious. The more the lack of land in urban areas has made the price of residential houses in urban areas is quite expensive. Finally, many people are only able to buy a small-sized house. In addition, the houses are built in residential areas usually have small size.


The playhouse is made to deal with limited land. As a result, you may feel that your house is narrow and the space provided in the home very limited. It may be difficult for you to choose and put the furniture or furniture. This may make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. When you feel this way, then you need to renovate a small house so your home more comfortable. With a few tips and the right strategy, the problem in a small house can be solved easily.

Some of these tips you can apply for the room in your home look more spacious. As a result, the atmosphere in the house becomes more spacious and comfortable.

Created roof Higher

If the room in your home are limited in extent, you can make higher roof to give the impression of a more spacious room. There is sufficient space above will reduce the impression of a narrow or crowded so you feel comfortable even though spacious room in your home is not so widespread.

Reducing Barriers

For a small house, the use of insulation that too much should be avoided. The bulkhead between the room makes the house feel cramped. Therefore, when making a small home renovation, you can reduce the use of insulation. For example, you can remove the divider between the kitchen with a dining area. The absence of this bulkhead will certainly make the kitchen and dining room feel more spacious.

Multiply Light

Has a bright room into one easy way to keep the room in the house look more spacious. So, make sure that the entire room in your home to get enough light. Keep the sun can get into the room in the house.

Using Bright Colors

House paint colors, curtains, or furniture should use bright colors. The white color of the walls can be the right choice for narrow room. If you want to use the wallpaper to the wall, then you should choose wallpaper with a small motif.

Large window

If a small window in your home, while doing your small home renovation can replace the windows in the house with large windows to the front of the house. In this way, you can see a large area outdoors as street or park. In addition, large windows also allow more light into the house so the room becomes brighter.

Tips on Choosing the Right Fence Houses

The new fence has many benefits for you and your home course. In addition to updating the appearance of the house, can be as security and add value to your property.

There are many different types of fencing, including PVC, chain link fence, wood, Cedar, Aluminum, Vinyl, iron, steel beams barrier fences, and many more. The first step is to determine the type of fencing you need, then the style and design you want. Consider what you want to fence, good for privacy, security or visual appearance alone. Large wooden fence can enhance scenery around the house and make the house can be seen by pedestrians, while privacy fence (height) is suitable for the backyard of your home interior can not be seen from outside. Chain link fence is the most economical and cheap but not so interesting terrlihat. To choose a security fence made of steel or iron.

Material is an important factor to consider because of any design or type of fence is different in material from each other. If you want a maintenance free, choose vinyl. For privacy fence the best materials that can be used is cedar.

Also Cedar fence has a beautiful look and feel that will enhance your sights. Iron and steel fence is the best for your home security. But you have to be extra careful and make sure you get the best materials so that the steel or iron does not rust. With a fence of iron or steel, your house possessed a formidable wall but for the treatment of rust seems like you have to provide extra budget.

Do Procrastination to Improve Home

You can postpone checking the condition of the house for several reasons, ranging from feeling not need it, while there is no charge, until just lazy. Avoid the process of checking the condition of the house or not repair minor damage can make you lose a lot of money.

The first thing you should pay attention on a regular basis is the roof. If the roof or roof tiles show signs of damage, immediately make repairs. Heavy rain, storms, and high winds are not the only cause damage to the roof. Wild animals such as cats or rats can make your roof is damaged.

Leakage is one of the common problems encountered homeowners in Indonesia. Find the cause as early as possible. Homeowners could potentially spend millions, tens of millions of rupiah when the entire roof collapsed due to a leak that left too long.

Furthermore, do not underestimate the problems in the foundation of the house. Hairline cracks were visible, widening gap between the house and the foundation is a sign of damage to the house foundation. The floors were “drowned” in the ground floor also need to be aware of.

You also need to pay attention to the existing cracks in windows and doors. Usually, this kind of cracking can also occur due to problems in the foundation. Avoid building a pool or pools around the foundation. Damage caused by exposure to water can aggravate the concrete wall.

Do not also forget termites. Small animals can be very dangerous for your home. Moreover, not all property insurance claim for the damage termites receive.

Waterways, good clean water and sewer, also deserves your attention. Damage and leaks are allowed to drag not only annoying, but potentially cause mold.

In conclusion, the better you spend a little money to repair minor damage in the home, rather than waiting until severely damaged. Not only the loss of money, your family members can suffer greater losses, for example, illness or injury.