apartment concept

Minimalist House Apartment Concept

Ever thought of designing your residential home with apartment concept? This certainly could be applied in your own home. Usually the design of the apartments is more simple and modern because of limited land. In addition, the house would look neater and cleaner by applying the concept design of this apartment.

The advantages of the concept of apartment, if space in your home, including a minimalist, it will be more suited to implement the design of this apartment. What needs to be done to change the concept of an apartment your home? Here we provide references for you.

Excess Design Apartment in Home

Despite having limited land, you still can arrange the room into a minimalist space with a simple concept but still modern. Try to apply some of the furniture which is usually used in an apartment in a minimalist space in your home. Suppose that with a touch of mellow yellow table lamp in the corner of the room or just putting your home phone later.

Do not forget to give a little mini sofa near the lamp table. This space can you make as your personal phone space of course. With one corner of the small room, you’ve been able to make this happen.

Layout Selection of Rooms

To separate between the room in your home, you can differentiate between the room paint colors. You can also choose an alternative by using elegant wallpaper wall to be installed in each of these rooms. If you might feel or too monotonous and the same as most people choice, now you should try wall wallpaper.

Selection and Arrangement Furniture

The next thing you notice is required about the selection and arrangement of furniture. This should be adapted to the layout of the room in your house. For example, by aligning the wall paint color or wallpaper the walls with the color of furniture itself. Suppose if your room walls are white, try using bright colors such as bright red warrants to give the impression of elegance.

If your room is minimalist, do not put objects that exceed the capacity of the room and insisted that these objects can still get in there. Simply place the furniture is simple but still able to function properly.

Minimalist Home Garden

Very difficult to gardening in a limited area. However you can still greening your home area create a minimalist home garden. To that end, the choice of plants and planting media into things that must be considered.

It is better to choose the type of plants whose growth is likely to slow but durable. This green area can give the impression of a beautiful and cool at home.

We recommend to choose the way a hydroponic cultivation can take advantage of the growing media other than soil. That way, your home will not be soiled with soils that may be blown off and littered the floor of your home. Hydroponics planting media can even be grown in media such as coir or stone gravel.

By doing the above, you’ve been able to apply the concept of an apartment house in general. Budget is required to do things above are also friendly and not drain your money. Welcome creativity with your residential home. Hope can give new inspiration.