Luxury Design Ideas To Jump Start Your Project

Luxury Design Ideas To Jump Start Your Project

It’s True, Less Is More

When designing an upscale space, or any space for that matter, less is more. The empty space within your room will highlight your furniture choices and endow the feeling of elegance and luxury. Furniture should be chosen to fit within the space, work with the room’s scale, and placed sparingly. Ideally, each room will function with a clear purpose, and the furnishings within that space will serve that purpose rather than detract from it. With the arrangement of furniture, a logical path of movement or traffic should be established. Ideally, you will not have any furniture that blocks the path of this circulation.

Luxury Is In The Details

Details are the way to tell the story of your luxury interior. Sumptuous colors, one-of-a-kind pieces, and well-made furniture work to draw your attention to the craft of the items. You can easily use items such as boxes, lamps, vases, and small accessories to communicate your message of luxury. These small items can be used to control and change the overall ambience of the room.

Refined Palates For Elegant Spaces

A refined and elegant color palate is essential in creating the perfect luxury look. Natural colors and neutrals allow for more flexibility in style and bolster the look of cultivated sophistication. Currently, gray is one of the most popular neutrals. For a modern take on a classic space, try a dark charcoal on the walls. Larger rooms with lots of natural light have the benefit of being able to counteract the traditional wisdom that wall colors should remain light. Darker shades of gray and even black pair perfectly with sumptuous materials and rich accessories. Gray is also a great choice for its ability to combine various hues to create a highly fashionable interior space.

Materials That Make An Impression

Luxurious spaces make an impression, and there is no better way to accomplish this than through the unique use of materials such as stainless steel, resins, leather, marble, quartz, concrete or a number of other substrates. In fact, the more unusual the use of the material, the more personal the space can become. When designing your space, consider how the materials affect the overall look or feeling of the design. For instance, highly reflective surfaces can create a feeling of glamour, whereas concrete is in-line with a more modern or minimalist look.