Bathroom Vanities Enhance

Large Bathroom Vanities Enhance Options

Of all the rooms in a house, renovating a bathroom can present a series of challenges and decisions that can confound the most prepared of homeowners. While plumbing and electrical improvements are pretty standard fare, the selection of a large vanity can enhance a number of options in a bathroom and enhance the overall feel of the space. The options that become increased are the available sink choices and the amount of storage present. With space and flair important in any bathroom renovation, homeowners need to be aware of how important that new vanity really is.

Counter Space

A large vanity requires a large vanity top. While the bathroom sink will take up a certain amount of space in the project, the rest of the area can be put to good use as well. In short, 42 to 48 inch bathroom vanities, like those at, offer up additional decorative options. From flowers to candles to additional appliances, just about anything imaginable can find a place on the acres of counter space created by a large vanity. The limits exist only in the imagination of the homeowner or designer. The entire room can be enhanced to have a comfortable take or a more modern and streamlined appearance.


Families in particular tend to end up with a lot of items that need to find locations in the bathroom. Long vanities contain additional drawers and under-sink storage options eager to accommodate all that stuff. This concept leads to an easier to maintain clean and organized appearance with everything neatly stashed in its appropriate location. If bathroom storage is an issue, a longer and bigger vanity can be a quick and easy solution that homeowners can take advantage of. Plus, the variety of finishes and options included in the vanity can easily match the design elements of any home.

In the end, the large bathrooms have a tendency to feel like cavernous spaces. Using larger pieces of furniture to fill the void and enhance the eye-lines can break up the area into a more pleasing space. Large vanities offer up additional counter space and more storage solutions while completing the look and feel of the bathroom. Homeowners looking to complete the renovation project need only consider the right options for one of the most important rooms in the home. A well-designed and thought out vanity can make the entire area much more appealing to the eye and increase the value of the property.