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Is It Time for a Custom Garage Addition?

A garage is one portion of a home that is often taken for granted until you move onto a property that is without one. Custom home addition builders can design and install the garage you want and determine if it is possible on the size and location of the property you have.

Does your property have the available space?

Wanting to have a garage on your property does not always mean there is enough available space. A detached garage will require more space than an attached version. You will need to make some decisions on the desired size and location you want and have your property inspected by a potential builder. You will find out quickly if the project is feasible.

One Car, Two, or More

How many cars will your garage need to house? The cost will go up exponentially as you increase the need for accommodating additional vehicles. You will need to keep an eye on your budget and see if what you want is affordable. You can always opt for a single car garage with an added carport area to cover another vehicle.

Added Work and Storage Areas

If you need an extra area to work on projects, or store items like bicycles and lawn furniture, incorporate this space into your plans for a custom designed and build. It will cost far less to incorporate it into the plans for a garage than building a separate storage building.

Attached or Unattached

Deciding whether to create an attached or unattached garage will change the scope of the project and need for specialized materials. The wall that extends between the garage and home has to have a specific type of board placed for insulation against fumes and excessive noise. It also provides a certain level of fire protection. It can add to the cost of the overall project.

Garage Access

Will you need to have a driveway installed? Homes with no driveway access will have to have one installed to city code. You can choose from surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or gravel.

If you are considering installing a garage on your property, contact custom home additions San Diego specialists like Teknik and get an estimate today!