How to Tie Your Home Decor Together with the Right Colors

Does blue soothe your senses? Is red an aphrodisiac to tantalize your mind? Does purple calm the chaos of your soul? Silly questions maybe, but effective in helping you realize which colors would be the best to use in your home decor. In short, you should always pick the colors that make you feel calm, happy, and a little bit sassy.

Choose Light and Bright Color Schemes

Light and bright color schemes open up your home, giving each room a spacious appearance that goes great with a clutter-free lifestyle. Some notable color schemes are sky blue and off-white, turquoise and suede, or apple red and light green. These kinds of light-shaded colors also give your mood a significant boost.

Go for Darker Colors in the Bedroom

Darker colors are reserved for the bedroom because you spend a good portion of your life sleeping. You need an environment that allows you to doze off without glaring distractions. So, invest in some heavy, blackout curtains, and paint your bedroom walls in darker tones, like navy blue or smoky teal, that put your mind at peace. You could also do a deeper scheme with varying shades, such as an ocean theme with a sound machine to soothe your senses in the background.

Pick Room Accents that Match Your Color Concepts

The accents in each room should tie your entire color concept and interior design together. So, for instance, if you have room with 3 red walls and a light green accent wall, you should accent that room with frames, vases, and trinkets in varying shades of green and light pink. This color concept is kind of like a watermelon or an apple pie, so it would go well in a kitchen.

Look Outdoors for Nature-Inspired Color Ideas

From the ocean, to the mountains, to your own backyard, there are natural wonders in the great outdoors, each more colorful and unique than the last. Nature presents new opportunities to pick an awesome color scheme for your interior designs. Go outside with a notebook and write down all of the colorful ideas that come to you.

Interior design is less about what you research and more about what you feel. From something as simple as kitchen island installation, to something as big as an overhaul of your bathroom, color makes the biggest difference in the mood of your home.This article makes a good argument for why colors matter in your home decor, but it really comes down to which colors you love. Use this article as a reference point of motivation to rev your interior design muse.