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How to Paint in areas that are difficult to reach

Are you a typical person who likes doing home improvement tasks with their own hands? If yes, it may be encountered some minor problems when working on it. For example, paint the walls, this task fairly easy easy difficult.

Especially when painted the difficult to reach. Don’t worry, with a few tricks below, you paint the task will become easier.

Fringe paint Window

Paint the window frame is often a challenge due to limited area. Meanwhile if you want to cover the glass and the wall using tape would spend quite a long time.

The solution, do not hesitate to paint! Choose a small brush to reach the corner of the frame and start painting. If there is a splash of paint on the glass, let it dry out and then cleaned with a file or varnish.

Tip: For best results, immediately remove old paint splattered less than one day to be easily removed.

Paint Rear Toilet

The bathroom has a high humidity and spacious room that is narrower than any room in the house. No wonder if some people had trouble applying the paint in the bathroom. The solution, you can use a brush and paint roller that forms the stem smaller than other paint roller.

This is the best brush used to paint the walls of the toilet.

Tip: To reach such a high ceiling area you can elongate shaft using a paint roller broom handles or the like.

Ceiling and wall paint

There are some high areas in your home that might still be reached by climbing stairs folding. But when they wanted to paint on the walls to the ceiling, it will certainly be a challenge.

The easiest way is by connecting a paint roller with handle extenders in order to reach the ceiling. Stretch your hands as much as possible in order to more easily touch the ceiling. This is a flexible way and you can adjust the length as needed.

Tip: Use a bit of paint if you want to paint the top. This is to avoid the risk of dribbling paint to the bottom or even on your body.