Your Living Room Is Begging For A New Modern Sofa

How To Make Your Old Sofa New Looks

When moving house, one of the furniture which is usually a concern or even purchased the first time, usually a sofa. But sometimes you do not even have to buy it, could you actually get a secondhand sofa from a parent or sibling.

There is a saying which states that the longer the life of a sofa it will be more comfortable to sit on. But the name could be a secondhand sofa models are outdated.

Well, if you get bored with the sofa models, to change your old sofa to make it look like new.

1. Reduce pillows, add motif

Many thought that feels comfortable sofa cushion it should be provided that much. And if too much of it will make it difficult to sit on the couch and become uncomfortable. 3 pieces cushion was enough for a sofa.

Another way to enhance your sofa is to use a large patterned pillowcase like images of flowers or geometric patterns such as chevron. If the pillow only 3 pieces then you can combine one motif with other motifs or let one of the pillow using a plain pillowcase.

2. Replace the legs of the sofa

Consider the legs of your sofa, do you still circle the first time to become a trend in the 2000’s? Actually replacing foot sofa is easy, you can replace it with a shape like a square that is currently sold in many furniture stores.

If not able to replace it yourself, you can ask the seller a couch or wooden furniture craftsmen.

3. Use ombre color

Want to make a dramatic change? Dip a cloth pillowcase in watercolor to give ombre effect. After drying hair neatly do not forget that when worn on the pillow does not look wrinkled. And your sofa will now look trendy.

Not confident to do it yourself? Consult with tailor subscription or pillowcases home maker.

4. Add spikes

Some special nails like tacks used to secure the cover slipcover sofa had become a trend. This nail pinned neatly to form such a pattern of dots on the couch.

Install one at a time is quite tiring, luckily some stores also sell nails that have been combined.

5. Create a sofa into a warm place

Today’s modern sofa usually a square that gives the impression of geometric cold. You can create the looks to be warmer by putting a blanket.

Model thick blanket knitted especially suitable to be placed on a sofa, or select a soft material as a place to rest your feet.

6. Clean the sofa regularly

When the sofa already looks dirty and bundle, refresh the sofa using a vacuum cleaner and turn the sofa and pat so dirt and dust could be released. In the future, you can also use special gloves for sofas that are not easily dusty and keep the shape of the sofa.