Buy home before merried

How To Have a Home Before Married

Those who are single can take the wrong decision when buying a home. This is because they do not make long-term planning.

In terms of financing, for example, they measure financial ability in single conditions. In fact, who knows in the near future they will have families so that financial needs swell.

1. Plan the Future

The first thing you must do before planning to buy a home while single is ensuring a stable financial condition. Needs within the next two to three years also need to be taken into account so that you can prepare enough funds.

Especially if you want to plan to marry and have children. Do not just prioritize the affordable price, but also close access to meet the needs of baby. Find a home that is close to the hospital / clinic up to early school.

2. Answer the Basic Question

If you already have a house coveted, consider the following:

  • Some distance from the dwelling to the nearest school?
  • Does the dwelling have a back garden?
  • Are there enough bedrooms for each family member?
  • Is there space left to widen the house in the future?
  • How close to the nearest hospital and shopping center?

So, even if you’re single, keep in mind the possibilities of your family’s future condition.