get rid of flies from the House

How to get rid of flies from the House

It sucks, when you’re busy enjoying a meal with family or social gathering with friends, and suddenly flies into the dining room and interfere with activity.

The problem, not only the sound of wings that make noise in the ear but also at risk spread germs disease. Especially if the menu is served pretty pungent smell like seafood. In order to overcome this disorder, try to do the following powerful tricks.

Hang a bag filled with water

Have you seen a restaurant or a shop hanging a clear plastic bag filled with water around the dish? You must be wondering, what is the correlation between plastic water content with flies.

In fact, the plastic contents of water hanging near the lamps and food will disrupt the view of the fly so that he confused determine the target. Flies will choose to go to find other food sources.

Light a candle

Put some candles around your food, especially in the middle. Candles create a warm atmosphere, and this will feel hot for flies so flies choose to avoid it.

When installing a candle, pay attention to the flame so as not to grab another flammable item such as a tablecloth or curtain.

Make sure the kitchen is clean

The rest of the food is definitely very much when you hold a family event. For that, make sure you immediately throw the rest of the food into the trash outside the house to prevent it from becoming a flywheel.

Don’t forget to immediately mop the floors that are exposed to food scraps and spray insecticides around the floor and your trash can.

Use lemon juice

Mix two glasses of water with juice of two lemons and then insert into the spray bottle. Sprinkle the lemon juice mixture into the corners of the house, especially near your dining room. Lemon scent tends to avoid flies and mosquitoes, and even prevent the smell of fishy.

Use the scented leaves

Some types of leaves have a lot of fresh aromas that flies do not like. You simply put it near the food-even make the food more fragrant.

For example, put mint and basil leaves near the food, fresh aroma makes flies lazy to come to your home.

Use aromatherapy

If you do not want to bother, you can burn aroma therapy to make the room more fragrant. Choose aromatherapy that smells of spices because usually not favored flies, such as vanilla, sandalwood, mint, and cinnamon.