renting properties

How to find the perfect option between the displayed houses for rent?

If you are thinking about changing your current address and moving to another place, you will have to pass through a tedious process of searching. A process that involves a lot of thinking and comparing between one house and another, and a lot of consulting too either real estate agents, friends, or family members.

We laid down here a simple process consisting of a handful of steps to make the property search process easier and less-arduous for you.

1. Plan for a long haul

When looking for renting properties, especially residential ones, try to look for something you can use on long term. When visiting the property, image yourself living there with your family after three to five years from now, would you like this district to be your permanent living location? Is it suitable for raising a family? You should answer all these questions and more before making the decision.

2. Set the value

Put in mind the price range of your potential house before starting the search. This way you will make it easier to pick a convenient option. For not to be a financial burden, your rent should not exceed 25 percent of your monthly income. You should cap your search, nearly all online property listing websites have a feature of defining the price range, this could help in limiting down your search results and not making it overwhelming.

3. What are you looking for?

Define the main features you are looking for. Decide if you are searching for a house with a full set of amenities like swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, and other, or a house with only the regular set of facilities like car parking lot, elevator, security system, etc.

4. Type of house

Decide whether you are looking forward to live in an apartment, villa, townhouse, duplex, or studio. With the invigorating building and development activity in many areas around the world, the variety of featured options is getting wider day after another to sustain all searchers’ needs. So, you are expected to find whatever you are looking for.

5. Imagine your day

Imagine how your daily routine is going to be like when living in such a place. Decide where you are going to spend your spare time, check if there are fitness gyms available around your home. Check also if there is a friend or relative living in proximity. Bare in mind the daily commute to your work.

6. Check facilities in the area

You need to run a brief investigation about the quality of facilities and public services in the area. Ask a professional real estate agent, or even try to question the current residents of the area about the quality of schools, hospitals, and other facilities available nearby.

7. Check security status

That’s a critical issue to make sure of. You need to find out if the area is hazardous by any mean. Try to check the crime rate in the area.

8. Know your rights and obligations

So now let us assume that you have set your budget, chose the neighbourhood, and decided what type of property you want. It’s now the time to check the regulations organizing the process of renting a house in your locality. A professional real estate agent will be very beneficial in this area, most agents are able to state your rights and the landlord’s rights as well.

9. Signing

Just hold it before signing the contract, please read it thoroughly before writing your name on it. You can also ask the real estate agent or the landlord to explain any clause you find ambiguous.