How to Clean Carpet Stains Home

Carpet floor of the house would always trampled every time the residents move. Therefore, regular carpet cleaning must be obtained. But there are still many people who have problems with hair loss and damage to their carpet after cleaning. When in fact it is not difficult to care for and clean your home carpet.

This time My house will share information about how to clean the carpet right in order to keep your home clean carpets and remain untreated.

Before entering the stage of cleaning and maintenance, you should first select the carpet home with good material. For this type of this one, try to use a carpet made of handmade.

Do you know if the carpet is made of handmade even can last for decades? While the carpet of the machine only last about 7 to 10 years. Choosing a durable carpet is a smart solution to save expenses.

Next we entered the stage of treatment. Currently spilled drinks or food stains on the carpet is an annoying moments, because in addition to difficult to clean, stain it and even sometimes do not go away after you clean it. So how precise and practical way to overcome this?

First, prepare the tools and materials to clean such stains. You can set up a carpet cleaning soap, basin, washcloth and wipes. Soon after the spill drinks or food on your carpet, you should immediately clean it up with a tissue or cloth. This serves to absorb spilled liquids into the tissue or rag you, so it will minimize the absorption of the stain deeper by carpet.

The next step, provide a basin of water and carpet detergent for washing carpets. Dissolve detergent into the water in the basin and wet rag into it. Squeeze the cloth until slightly dry. Washcloth rubbed directly on the spot stains are. Rub the opposite way or the direction of the fur carpet.

Remember to rub it gently so as not quickly fall out fur carpet. Do not use a brush or something rough surface to rub the stain on the carpet. Because the stains may be lost, but instead, your carpet will be broken.

After cleaning your carpet according to the instructions above, immediately your carpet drying in the sun. It is advisable to dry your carpet for 1 hour, and turn your carpet when drying.