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Home Maintenance Tips Minimalist Two Floors

As it grows a variety of home designs today more and more with the model and the concept very interesting. The reason the house is no longer a refuge but as an expression of self-expression, so that the various forms and types of housing is growing.

Examples home with minimalist concept that today is much loved by the people. For those of you who intend to build a minimalist house with 2 floors following tips minimalist home design selection 2 floors:

Note the area of ‚Äč‚Äčland that will have you up and the amount of room as a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, family room, living room and garage vehicles if needed.

Determine the amount of space and the availability of land. Choose the design house you want. If you are confused or difficulty, you can find references on the internet.

Perform placement division living room, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom on the first floor. For the floor you can make some room, 1 bathroom, lounge, chapel, or space for sports.

To design minimalist house 2 floor you do not necessarily need a lot of outdoor decorations and color overload. Use soft colors and simple, such as gray, black or pastel. Unnecessary minimalist home decoration concept or excessive because the house will be more elegant and modern look.