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Home Decorating Tips Welcoming Eid

To welcome the arrival of Eid this year, of course, a lot of activities that can be put on the agenda. One thing is for sure, decoration re-layout of the living room furniture, or repaint the walls were dull, should be included in the priority scale.

Now, while there is still a lot of spare time in the month of Ramadan, perhaps now the most appropriate time to give another touch and make the house look sleek with newer atmosphere during Eid.
Sofa and Curtains

There are two important elements that could bring a new atmosphere and easy to do on the inside of the house, especially the living room. Fix the old sofa, giving a new twist to the skin or fabric sofa.

Do not forget also to replace the curtains of the house. It’s good to make it have the feel of the uniform between the curtains and the sofa.


Home lighting (especially the living room and dining room) is one part that should never be forgotten. Both of these areas, is the most visited room during the holidays later.

Dining table

Give a new look to restructure the material use tablecloths or replace the fabric of the seat cushion in the dining room.

Try also to add a number of imitation trinkets such as diamond and a variety of fruits, to add a different atmosphere.

Fences and Ornamental Plants

For its part, should do the painting with a color that corresponds to the material. Silver color options for ferrous materials and provide paint coating (varnish) for wood materials.

In order to beautify the yard and front porch, add a few flowering ornamental plants and types of bonsai.